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Top 5 Conspiracy Theories About Osama bin Laden's Death

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Hamid Mir interviewing Osama bin Laden for Dai...

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Now that Osama bin Laden has been found and killed, it's just a matter of time before the conspiracy theorists start coming out of the woodwork.  I'm going to beat them to the punch and offer up these theories in advance.  If you are a conspiracy theorist, consider this a favor — I've done the hard work for you.

So here they are, out of left field and in no particular order:

  1. It wasn't really him — I mean, they apparently did a DNA test, but did you see it?  Neither did I.  Maybe bin Laden had already died somewhere in Afghanistan, or was presumed dead, and the US government just wanted bragging rights.  The fact that they buried his body at sea means this theory isn't going to go away anytime soon.  Photos of his body would help, however.

Ahmadinejad Missing, Anonymous Circling

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Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President of Iran

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Gone fishing? Ahmadinejad MIA

Iran's President Ahmadinejad has gone missing.  Says the BBC:

"The president has not been seen at his office for days, missing two cabinet meetings and cancelling a visit to the holy city of Qom."

Apparently this is part of a power struggle between the often-incendiary head of state and Iran's Supreme Leader, the Ayatollah Khameini. In light of the revolutions witnessed recently across the Mideast, this kind of power-wrangling would seem to leave Iran vulnerable to a revolution of its own.  One Iranian MP who wished to remain anonymous said:

"I hope one side yields at the end - otherwise it will move the country toward unprecedented instability that will certainly suck the current Arab uprisings into the country."

Desert Kites: Evidence of Ancient Over-Hunting

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Persian gazelle

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When we think of endangered species and over-hunting, we usually think of modern times. We generally assume that our ancestors knew how to treat animals and the ecosystem with a sort of inborn respect and caution.  It turns out that's not necessarily true.

Archaeologists working in Syria have uncovered evidence of mass-killing pits used by hunters up to 6,000 years ago.  The process involved an entire herd of gazelles being funnelled via stone walls into a pit where they would be slaughtered — every last one of them.  These structures are often called "desert kites" because of how they look when viewed from the air.… Continues …

It's the End of the World As We Know It, and I Feel Fine!

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Okay folks. Here we go. Anyone who has read my previous articles will no doubt be aware that I have very sceptical views on what we like to call “democracy” and even more sceptical views on the foreign policy of pretty much every government, especially that of the UK and our (for now) younger but more hard-assed sibling the US.

I’ve sat back in wonder at the situation we find ourselves in regarding the Middle-East/North Africa and the seemingly organic democratic uprisings of its trodden on citizens.

It’s the largest political shift in our lifetime and may determine the course of our entire species. There, I said it. People are skirting round this point, but what’s at stake is the exposure of the deceptions our respective governments carry out, the response to which by those of us who hold none of the wealth could trigger a forced change in the way we approach politics on the whole.… Continues …

2012 Roundup

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Using infrared images from NASA's Spitzer Spac...


When I first stumbled across this date, the prophecies and significance that have been associated with 21/12/2012 (before the movie may I add), I was hugely drawn in by the vast number of different predictions on what would happen (if anything), and how the these foreseen events would occur... in approximately 21 months from now?

What does stand out to me is the amount, the different standpoints but yet similar views on this “End of Age”.

First off and probably the most hyped is the Mayan Calendar, which runs out on this exact date, (erm well by some people's calculations).

Popol Vuh is the Mayan Creation Myth, that the Earth, humanity, and life experience cycles of destruction and re-birth over long periods of time, every 26,000 years. This is called the Long Count.  Throughout the Mayan culture and to this day the stars have had a huge part to play in their outlook on the cycles of earth, harvest, socio-structures and of course the measurement of these, and more importantly the measurement of time.… Continues …

Should "Anonymous" Hack the Westboro Baptist Church?

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"Anonymous Hates WBC"

The Westboro Baptist Church is best-known for picketing military funerals and gay pride gatherings with "God Hates Fags" and other slogans deemed offensive and shocking by most who see them. They're led by the incendiary Fred Phelps, who burned a Koran last September. WBC and Phelps always seem to be looking for new ways to push the envelope when it comes to hate.

While their actions might be protected as free speech, that's not going to stop "Anonymous", a hacker group with a simple name but an already-impressive list of accomplishments. Anonymous is best-known for shutting down Mubarak government websites earlier this month, and bringing down the websites of Visa and Mastercard last year, in defense of Wikileaks. More recently, Anonymous absolutely destroyed security firm HBGary and delivered a scathing come-uppance letter on the firm's hacked front page.… Continues …

World on Fire: Bahrain, Iran Join the Fray

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Bahrain demonstrates in solidarity with Egypt
Bahrain demonstrates in solidarity with Egypt

If the media are to be believed, there are literally dozens of countries around the world which are primed and ready to go up in flames. It all started in Tunisia, when a fruit seller set himself on fire and ignited a revolution that sent President Ben Ali packing. This inspired two-plus weeks of street protests in Egypt, which led to the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak.

Ongoing demonstrations include those in Algeria, which have been recently invigorated after seeing the success of Tunisia and Egypt's protestors, and thousands in Yemen demanding that President Ali Abdullah Saleh step down.

The latest countries to see protests are Iran, where police on Monday used tear gas and batons on protestors, and Bahrain, where police have opened fire on a funeral procession for a victim of previous violence.… Continues …

What Are Mubarak's Chances?

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He's doomed
64% (7 votes)
He'll remain in power
36% (4 votes)
Total votes: 11

Changing Perspectives: Can Mubarak Hold On to Power?

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Many of us have spent the last couple of weeks enthralled by the events unfolding in Egypt. The developments have been coming so fast and furious that it has seemed almost impossible to write an article about it — anything I write would be out-of-date almost before it's published. That said, I have noticed an interesting change in the media narrative regarding Mubarak's outlook for survival.

In the early days of the current unrest, most of the news articles seemed to assume that regime change in Egypt was inevitable. It was really just a matter of time until Mubarak would be unseated. The most over-used word of the week was "clinging", "clung", or variations thereof. Obama and his administration felt confident enough to issue typically ambiguous (yet still crystal clear) statements that change "must begin now" and that the people had to be heard.

The writing was on the wall. Change was at hand; it was the Arab world's 1989 revolution. Israel's Haaretz newspaper went so far as to say that Obama would "go down in history as the president who lost Egypt".… Continues …

Is There Any Common Sense or Inspiration Left for This Generation?

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Statue of John Lennon in public park, Vedado, ...

Reading the newspaper today, I am struck dumb by the lack of common sense and righteousness of today’s society.

The Phone Hacking Scandals, the state of the British economy, the rights for terror suspects, Tunisia, Hezbollah being in power in Lebanon, unrest in Egypt and other Arab countries run by dictators which if ousted may then have a government run by other terror organizations and wave upon wave of environmental disasters.

If there was ever a time to think that the Apocalypse is coming you would not be alone in your thinking that we have never been closer to a cataclysmic catastrophe than at the present time.

Looking back over the years there has always been war, corruption, violence, environmental disasters and the rest but has there ever been a time when so much of the above is happening all at the same time?

In times gone by there have always been Inspiration People to show us the beauty, poetry and love that IS within the world, it eases the soul into believing in something better, takes your mind off the bad and helps keep faith that there is some sort of goodness, light, love and hope out there and that they're working towards making a difference.… Continues …

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