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Last Week's the week that was.

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  Deputy leader of the Labour...

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1. Harriet Harman receives the MrShaw  award for quickest turnaround this week.  Earlier in the week Mrs Harman decided to open her mouth and accuse Danny Alexander of being a ginger rodent.  Great stuff, had me giggling for a wee while.  Harriet went onto to say ""There's something deeply unnatural that's happened in Scotland.".  I'm popping up to Hadrian's Wall this weekend to see if the Ghost of Robert Burns, William Wallace and Gregor Fisher (the man, not the ghost) are leading a group of disgruntled Scots to Parliament to the tune of "Scots Wha Hae".  In the interim, the Ginger rodent in person has stated via his Twitter account something he feels is funny and cute, but has come across as a bit of a twit.… Continues …

Something is Happening in the Ring of Fire

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Krakatoa or Krakatau or Krakatao is a volcanic...

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Anak Krakatau (Child of Krakatoa) - Ready to blow?

It's been quite a week for the Pacific Ring of Fire.

Mount Merapi blew its top, taking the lives of dozens, including Mbah Maridjan, Merapi's sacred gatekeeper (or 'kuncen'), who "died instantly in a 1,000-degree Celsius pyroclastic flow, a fast-moving wall of superheated gas and ash." There have been several powerful eruptions since then, with the latest occurring today. Mount Merapi holds special significance for the Javanese, who view it as part of a spiritual axis of the world.

On the same day that Merapi started erupting, there was a magnitude 7.7 earthquake off Sumatra that sent a tsunami crashing into the Mentawai islands. The latest death toll stands at 449 and is certain to rise.

And now Krakatoa is rumbling to life (video here). Or more accurately, Anak Krakatau (meaning literally 'child of Krakatoa'), the volcano which arose from the ashes after the original volcano blew itself to smithereens in 1883 in the loudest explosion in modern history.… Continues …

Sellabrity Auctions - Cherie Blair flogs Tony for a Tenner

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Tony Blair's signature.

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Tony Blair would be a wise man to check around the house (all 7 of them) to see if any "valuables" were missing, including copies of his memoirs, several watches and possibly other gifts presented due to his exploits as Super Politician Man/Two Faced Greedy Little Robber Toad and quite possibly pictures of his own signature!

It would seem that Cherie Blair, not content with attempting to rustle up £250,000 on the back of a charity speaking tour of Australia, been accused of having showers with a former topless model at Number 10, creating shame for Tony and Al by showing sympathy for Palestinian Suicide Bombings, using an Con Man (not Tony for a change) to negotiate a discount on a purchase of two flats, enacting a Richard Madeley in style when she walked out of a Sydney Supermarket with £2000 worth of shopping, singing "When I'm 64" shortly after receiving the news Dr David Kelly had committed suicide, attempting to dodge tax on precious jewels and many many more chewed faced blunders has recently turned her Ebay account into a electronic version of Carbooty.… Continues …

The Third Dimension - Just an Illusion?

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Cell-first perspective projection of the tesse...
3D: What a rip-off!

Nevermind trying to understand the fourth dimension. It turns out that the good ol' third dimension, loved and relied upon by millions worldwide, may in fact be nothing more than a holographic illusion, and that the entire universe really exists in just two dimensions.

Confused? PopSci offers a brainy-but-still-sort-of-understandable summary:

"The universe-as-hologram theory is predicated on the idea that spacetime is not perfectly smooth, but becomes discrete and pixelated as you zoom in further and further, like a low-res digital image. This idea isn’t novel; recent experiments in black-hole physics have offered evidence that this may be the case, and prominent physicists have proposed similar ideas. Under this theory, the universe actually exists in two dimensions and the third is an illusion produced by the intertwining of time and depth. But the false third dimension can’t be perceived as such, because nothing travels faster than light, so instruments can’t find its limits."

Breaking News - 10 stories that caught my attention

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Portrait of Jane Austen, from the memoir by J....

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1. This story, published here by The Telegraph is about claims that Jane Austen, one of Englands most famous novelists was heavily edited and was by and large written by two people.  Good Stuff. The News article, not Jane Austen.  Give me Terry Pratchett any day of the week.

2. The details of Dr David Kelly's death have been made public, despite previous statements that this would not be released for 70 years, in an attempt not to distress the family with Headlines regarding the subject.  The findings seemed to have pleased no one and caused a lot of finger pointing and debate over whether the findings report might, just might, been tampered with long before it was started, or just a load of piffle that somebody made up in a in the pub, while eating pork scratching's and drinking a Bitter.

3.The Government, bless them have decided that if they build on a green belt, then there is nothing we can do about that.  Incredulous.

4. The Nuclear Submarine, which some silly so and so parked on some rocks off the Scottish coast is getting a tickety boo check, whilst the Commander in charge may getting his discharge( You may need to setup an account with The Financial Times to access this article)… Continues …

The Week that was - Football

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With a rather weary cast upon all that was political in the UK, it was sport that seemed to cheer me up the most. 

  Sir Alex Fer...

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Sir Alex and Wayne Rooney have had a bit of a spat, and Wayne is all ready to ship off to Spain, where he no doubt will get a "decent egg banjo" whenever he needs one.  I think Wayne's card is heavily marked at Manchester United now, and Ferguson will have him shipped off quicker than you can say "Juicy Jeni Thompson".

On a different note a FIFA official has stated that the latest scandal with regards to the possible bribery allegations will not harm Englands bid for the World Cup, which probably means he got his share then.  Little wonder that Lord Coe has put such a huge price on tickets to The Olympics, paying back "The Man".  Sepp Blatter went on to state the affair has had a "very negative impact" on world football's governing body, which was a surprise to me as I always thought that it was Sepp Blatter's head that imposed a very negative impact on the opinion of the average football fan.… Continues …

Christopher Columbus was...

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Columbus Day Reconsidered

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First landing of Columbus on the shores of the...

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As many countries around the world celebrate Columbus Day today, I feel compelled to link to one of the most illuminating and powerful articles I've ever read about the supposed discoverer of the New World. In truth, it's an excerpt from a book by Thom Hartmann, and although it was originally posted online in 2007, it remains a timely and insightful piece of research into Columbus and what he represents in a broader context, even to this day.

Expanding, Hartmann says:

"This wasn’t just the story of Hispaniola; the same has been done to indigenous peoples worldwide. Slavery, apartheid, and the entire concept of conservative Darwinian Economics, have been used to justify continued suffering by masses of human beings."

and:… Continues …

Self-Driving Cars Are Just Around the Corner

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Congestion caused by a road accident, Algarve,...

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Goodbye traffic jams?

Who among us hasn't daydreamed about cars that could drive themselves? Dream no more — that sort of technology is literally just around the corner, as Google has been test-driving these new cars on over 100,000 miles of California road. Not surprisingly, the computer-controlled vehicles are safer than human drivers, with only one accident in all that testing, and even that one was caused by human error.

Other benefits include better fuel efficiency, less-maddening traffic jams (computers aren't inclined to slow down to rubber-neck at accidents as they pass, which should be less frequent anyway), and the ability for the passengers to engage in other pursuits, like checking their Gmail accounts. Presumably Google would also attempt to harness the potential of its cloud computing endeavors, with these new vehicles collaborating and communicating with each other to improve performance even further.… Continues …

The Growing Threat From Alien Species

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The bullfrogs taking over Australia in the epi...

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In my life I have been unfortunate enough to witness many shocking things in relation to the state of earth's ecosystems. Shortly after moving to the town of Katherine in the northern territory the cane toads also arrived like a biblical plague. One could hardly even drive on the road without running them over. Their poisonous glands also spelt doom for many native predators such as the Goanna and northern Quoll. Now the Cane toad has reached the borders of Western Australia. Introduced to Queensland in 1935 in hopes it would control the cane beetle it has since steadily spread across the continent leaving a trail of destruction.… Continues …

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