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Confusion Persists About Obama's Religion

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Latest poll by the Pew Research Center finds that 18% of Americans believe that Barack Obama is a Muslim, up from 11% in March 2009. 43% of Americans claim to not know what his religion is.

In a separate poll by Time magazine and ABT SRBI, 24% of respondents said that Obama is Muslim.

Shocking that this misinformation still persists.… Continues …

VisitBritain Issues Bizarre Guidelines for Dealing With Tourists

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Tourists in London 3

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In an effort to prepare the UK's hospitality industry for an influx of foreigners during the 2012 Olympic Games, VisitBritain has issued a comprehensive guide to dealing with difficult tourists. Although the tips were compiled by natives of those countries, and are likely intended to cement Britain's reputation as the politest place on earth, the sometimes-bizarre list may perhaps serve to reinforce stereotypes and even offend the very people they were designed to protect.

Among the gems of wisdom:… Continues …

The Story of the Flight Attendant Who'd Had Enough

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steven slater on facebook

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Splashed across the headlines yesterday was the story of a flight attendant who finally got fed up with rude passengers and slid down the emergency chute to escape, but not before cursing out the entire cabin and grabbing a beer or two on the way out. Steven Slater has since been arrested at home, and probably faces several felonies, but in the meantime he has found himself a few thousand fans.… Continues …

A 'Right to Food'

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A hungry man is not a free man

To combat rampant hunger among the poor in India, politician Sonia Gandhi is proposing an expansion of the government's food welfare program - to essentially create a constitutional 'right to food'.

Others within the Indian government are suggesting the market should be allowed to play a part in a completely new system of food aid. They argue that the government-run system is inefficient, and prone to corruption and extortion by government officials and moneylenders. Explains Indian economist Bharat Ramaswami:… Continues …

"War Porn" or "Window to Reality"?

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Not even two weeks after classified documents released by Wikileaks made many people question the validity of the war in Afghanistan, here comes powerful new evidence of something worth fighting for.

A fiery controversy has been stirred up by a magazine cover photo depicting a beautiful young Afghan woman who has had her nose and ears cut off by the Taliban. Accompanied by the bold statement "What Happens if We Leave Afghanistan", some are now decrying the use of the shocking image as a manipulative effort to convince the public to accept continuing military action. Some are even calling it "war porn" and "Afghansploitation". Priyamvada Gopal at the Guardian says that the magazine cover is an oversimplification which does nothing to help solve a complex problem. According to Gopal, "Feminists have long argued that invoking the condition of women to justify occupation is a cynical ploy, and the Time cover already stands accused of it."

Wyclef Jean Would Make a Good President For Haiti

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Confirmed: Wyclef Jean Will Run for President of Haiti

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Wyclef Jean (album)

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But is that a good thing?

The speculation started last year, and after the rumors got really heated in the last couple of weeks, hip-hop artist Wyclef Jean has finally confirmed to TIME magazine that he will announce his candidacy for Haiti's presidency in the next few days. The news has also been confirmed by a Haitian official who will welcome Jean into his coalition.

According to CNN, the official announcement will come on an upcoming appearance on talk show Larry King Live. Another possibility is that he'll make the dramatic declaration when he arrives in Haiti on August 5th.

Jean, who sometimes describes himself as a modern-day Moses, said that the motivation came from witnessing the effects of January's devastating earthquake in Haiti. Says Jean:… Continues …

Discovery of 'Spacequakes' Demystifies Aurora Borealis

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Aurora Borealis

Image by zhengxu via Flickr

The source of the northern lights has finally been uncovered by a group of probes orbiting the Earth.

It appears that plasma jets shooting out from the sun cause temblors similar to earthquakes to occur in the Earth's magnetosphere. According to NASA, the effects of these so-called spacequakes "can reach all the way down to the surface of Earth itself." These effects include plasma vortices which "may funnel particles into Earth's atmosphere, sparking auroras."… Continues …

What's your opinion of Wikileaks' Julian Assange?

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Is the Wikileaks Founder About to Be Assassinated?

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Julian Assange: Soon-to-be-whacked?Julian Assange: Soon-to-be-whacked?

Julian Assange is making himself very inconvenient for the establishment right now. When his website Wikileaks recently released documents to the media regarding the war in Afghanistan, it caused a firestorm of debate and criticism at the worst possible time for the US military, which is trying desperately to drum up more support for their efforts in that part of the world. Some are now saying that the "hit list" of Task Force 373 could amount to war crimes.

The Pentagon has opened an inquiry aimed at finding the source of Wikileaks' information. But they may have bigger problems on the horizon: the whistleblowing site has three times as much classified information relating to the Iraq war, Newsweek has learned. When and how this cache of documents will ultimately be released has yet to be determined, but we can almost certainly assume that the US government is scrambling to learn everything they can in order to limit the political and intelligence fallout.

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