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2012 Roundup

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Using infrared images from NASA's Spitzer Spac...


When I first stumbled across this date, the prophecies and significance that have been associated with 21/12/2012 (before the movie may I add), I was hugely drawn in by the vast number of different predictions on what would happen (if anything), and how the these foreseen events would occur... in approximately 21 months from now?

What does stand out to me is the amount, the different standpoints but yet similar views on this “End of Age”.

First off and probably the most hyped is the Mayan Calendar, which runs out on this exact date, (erm well by some people's calculations).

Popol Vuh is the Mayan Creation Myth, that the Earth, humanity, and life experience cycles of destruction and re-birth over long periods of time, every 26,000 years. This is called the Long Count.  Throughout the Mayan culture and to this day the stars have had a huge part to play in their outlook on the cycles of earth, harvest, socio-structures and of course the measurement of these, and more importantly the measurement of time.

The Maya of today still equate The Olmec symbol, that represents an important ‘cleft-like’ feature of the Milky Way, with the Underworld Portal. This Great Cleft or “dark-rift” in the Milky Way, which looks like a black road running down its middle, is called the “Road to the Underworld”.  At the end of this current cycle our planet will be in total alignment with this Cleft, signalling the end of the current B'ak'tun 13th cycle.  The Mayan peoples however would not have assumed this to mean the end of the world but would have had great celebrations for the end of one cycle and the beginning of another.

However the cycle which we will be finishing on the winter solstice 21/12/2012 is the End of the Mayan B’ak’tun 13 calendar cycle, the last B’ak’tun of the Long Count. Not the end of the calendar as most believe, it just resets itself back to zero and starts the Great 26,000-year Cycle again. We are in the 4th now, according to the Maya.

Milky way starscape taken from Paranal.

Image via Wikipedia

Esoteric author John Major Jenkins asserted that the Mayan Calendar did actually fall in line with the winter solctas. This date was in line with an idea he terms the “Galactic Alignment”. The Galactic Alignment is the alignment of the December Solstice Sun with the Galactic Equator. This alignment occurs as a result of the Precession of the Equinoxes and this Galactic Alignment only happens once every 26,000 years. (Clever Mayans!)

On the winter solstice of 2012, the noonday Sun should exactly conjoin, ecliptically, with the crossing point of the Galactic Plane, also the exact centre of the Galaxy, which is call the 13th Star sign, Ophiuchus, or the sign of the Serpent!

The Milky Way Galaxy is the inspiration for the symbol of the Ouroboros.

Myth refers to a serpent of light residing in the heavens. The Milky Way is this serpent, and viewed at galactic central point near Sagittarius, this serpent eats its own tail. Some say this sign is clearly depicted on the church and also in the lost book.

Ophiuchus crosses the celestial equator just at the point where the center of the Galaxy meets the Celestial Equator and the Sun is aligned to the centre of the Galaxy and the Sign of Ophiuchus (Ophiuchus’ heart is known as the Black Hole of the Milky Way!).

Is this either a sign in the heavens of the truth and divinity of God and story of Saturn? Or is this where the Bible writers have taken inspiration? I guess the answer for that is left up to each person's individual beliefs.

During this Alignment many things can happen, apparently! We will have 72 hours of darkness (please refer to Bible for huge symbolic reference to the End Times).

Armageddon looming

Will the Sun and Earth go through a process of Magnetic Pole Reversal? This could spell serious problems for mankind. Electronic malfunctions, birds migrating losing all sense of direction (could bees dying out through confusion of vibration be due to this, or birds falling from the skies?), immune systems of living creatures weakening, increasing Earth crust activity, earthquakes, volcanoes, tectonic movements, floods, landslides. Large asteroids would be drawn to the Earth. Did this happen when the dinosaurs were wiped out??

This brings me nicely on to Planet X a.k.a Nibiru.

As I understand it, Nibiru is a planet whose orbit is now approaching the Earth’s. This planet is flying in from Saturn’s orbit and during 2012 will come very close to the Earth or Mars’ orbit, which could cause violent tidal force interactions, volcanoes, tidal waves; it could send us off-balance or even capture the Earth within its gravitation field and we would freeze when it leaves our solar system.

All of this would depends on the sphere of influence and if Nibiru is of such a mass and comes close enough to Earth to exert gravitational influence. However there are lots of factors which would have to be present before any apocalyptic event was caused by Planet X. It is suggested that the planet is not large enough to hold any substantial mass and we may be blocked by the Sun from any gravitation influence.

Now, I cannot finish without mentioning the Bible.

Many religious enthusiasts believe in the ‘End of Days’. Most believed that God’s wrath is let out upon the earth, unleashing plagues, earthquakes, hailstorms, fire, famine, meteor storms, lack of drinking water and more. This is called the Tribulation, and this is when the Anti-Christ will gain influence and power.

The Armageddon will soon follow this, which is a terrible war provoked by the Anti-Christ where most of the world’s population will die in a series of violent events as prophesied in Daniel 9, Matthew 24, and Revelations 4:19.

At this point with the world in tatters, nearly all human life is lost, apart from the armies of the Anti-Christ. This is when Jesus Christ returns to Earth and destroys those armies and all those who have been faithful to Him and accept him as their Saviour are welcomed into the New, Eternal Kingdom of God here on Earth, and the Anti-Christ, false prophet and Satan are thrown into the pit of fire for eternity.

Interestingly enough, the story continues to state that the devil must be released one more time after Christ’s 1000-year reign. At this time a final battle takes place with the devil losing and being vanquished into the lake of fire forever.

So there we are guys, a summary of all good things to look forward to, if any of it is to be believed. I myself do actually think that something is happening with our world — I would tend to be leading towards a Pole Reversal. But I have always believed in God. (Not in a religious way, more totally and in a personal spiritual way. I put my faith in righteousness, kindness and love and that there is a God who is utterly divine.) And I think that although we may see something happening which has a scientific name and is mathematically correct, why can that then not be attributed to God?

But whatever it is, if anything that will occur in the next 2 years, I do know that mankind cannot carry on at the rate that it currently is. Not a month passes without some natural disaster. The East is in complete meltdown, which means that we are too, via the domino effect. Our socio-structures are balanced on a knife edge and the planet is starting to kick off, big style! I do hope that this is not the case and I am just being a worrier (my plan is to start buying lots of beans!), but I guess that only time will tell. So I guess... let the Countdown commence!

N.B. Oh and for those of you who enjoy the informativeness of the American Government and their agencies please enjoy this factual, enlightening take on the issues above.

Kuncen's picture

Great objective viewpoint

Wow, there is certainly a lot of information here!

I like the objectivity you use to present the different viewpoints, occasionally admitting your own misgivings or doubts.  It's nice to see someone present this information without necessarily believing all of it hook, line, and sinker.

Despite your objectivity, you should be prepared to see some comments completely tearing these ideas (and possibly you) to bits. However, I think you'll also see a lot of comments supporting your ideas and building on them.

Let the debate begin!


lloydyspeaks's picture

There's nothing like a good debate

Yes, I did feel that I needed to include the full, yet condensed facts, as i could find them and I do find it a very interesting subject. 

I welcome any comments and feedback and look forward a constructive, insightful and informative discussion/opinions/view points.

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What does Steven Hawkins

What does Steven Hawkins think about all this?

Winston Smith's picture

Tyche and the Cygnus Mystery

Can't say I believe all of this stuff, however, it is fun to think about.  I have a couple of links that you might find interesting:

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Cygnus is very interesting

Cygnus is very interesting for a number of different reasons.  Cygnus X-1 is the most studied and strongest x-ray source seen from earth.  Kepler has their telescope trained on here 24/7. 

This is only the latest in this remarkable constellation.

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Pole reversal is

Pole reversal is well-documented and not conspiratorial at all.... the poles have been shifting very slowly for thousands of years. Several news articles recently about pilots and other navigators having to adjust their flight plans and GPS to account for it. I just dont think its gonna happen all of a sudden, overnight.

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Is something happening within the planet??

I have been looking into this further and the Planet Tyche, is probably what some people have mistaken for, Nibiru, Nemesis, Hercolobus etc,. - All though there are huge amounts of conflicting reports, most of the alarmists saying this planet is there and the more analytical stating it is not.

All of the reports are based upon unsighted reports, however analysis from Nasa's WISE Telescope could provided data to support the orbit of this Planet (all though would the American Government let us know of this data straight away??)

In reference to Stephen Hawkins, from what i can understand, he would agree with the fact that the world has been long overdue for some sort of large mass collision from space to hit Earth. He also warns of the dangers of seeking out Extra Terrestrial Life and trying to make contact with these and the dangers of human kind on human extinction. (i think the latter is the most plausible, well within a degree)

The Pole Reversal is something that just keeps sticking in my mind, the Tsunami that has just hit Japan, Russia heating up last year, floods and more sever winters in the warmer countries, floods, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes that frequency have been increasing and devastation caused by these growing also. I found this interesting article on this and will be scouting about for more info on the actual rate of the reversal.

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I've got remark to part where

I've got remark to part where you talk about Planet X or Nibiru,as I read about this topic,this planet  is come in here every 3600 years... so I don't think that will be catastrophic or something like from a Hollywood movie,because dramatic change  not always mean catastrophe...    

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So sorry

I am sorry to see a rehash of the 2012 gobbledygook here on TalkingSkull. If you enjoy this type of discussion I think it should be in Opinion only and not science and technology.

To put my opinion simply, I think this belongs to the category ‘fear mongering.’ Some people enjoy ghost stories or vampires or science fiction. Fine. Great. I like sci-fi myself.

But 2012 hype is not real and it is not science. It is just a way to sell books and movies. Just where are the technological bits that I can mull over or get excited about. I am not going to go onto a vampire site and try to sell them silver bullets.  
So, be considerate and not bring scary tales nor fairy tales into the S&T realm.

If you want to discuss the value of the retina display and what is meant by 'retina display' then that would be great too. I would have something to say as well.

Anonymous's picture

Well to be fair, the article

Well to be fair, the article is an analytical look at the 2012 theories, not a wholesale endorsement of them.  It's trying to discuss them..... not necessarily saying they're true.

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If you say so professor

chinajon wrote:

I am sorry to see a rehash of the 2012 gobbledygook here on TalkingSkull. If you enjoy this type of discussion I think it should be in Opinion only and not science and technology.

Science (from Latin: scientia meaning "knowledge") is a systematic enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the universe. An older and closely related meaning still in use today is that of Aristotle, for whom scientific knowledge was a body of reliable knowledge that can be logically and rationally explained.

I was trying to piece together all of the information which was out there in a more rational and informative manner. Some of the Geological effects that are happening on our planet today are real, there are facts and these principals are not mumbo jumbo, sci-fi. If that is all you can gather from this article i would suggest that you do not bother to read things with subject of dislike for you.

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The 2012 dogma has been going

The 2012 dogma has been going on for decades.  I have been hearing about that stupid Mayan calender for years.  I looked into it , came up with the standard response, "It's like the calender going from Dec. 2010 to Jan. 2011.  It just starts over." and then derided anyone that that thought it had any validity.   

Now, twenty years later, we all look around at the mess that we have gotten ourselves into.  Environmentally, it's a disaster.  We have been poisoning our water and our soil, Japan is radioactive, we our having unprecedented weather weirding and no matter whether you think it is man-made or not, if you can't predict the weather it is hard to grow crops.  When the birds of the air and the fish of the sea started turning up dead all over the globe that seemed particularly ominous but all that got completely overwhelmed by the Arab Spring.  It didn't stop happening, it just stopped being being reported.  

That brings us to worldwide political unrest.  Sure, this has been going on as long as man but I think everyone can agree that we have never had the weapons capability before or so many apocalyptic lunatics with access to catastrophic weapons.  It's insanity.  And then outside Terra Firma.  Pole shift, solar flares, comet elenin, nirubu.  It goes on and on.   So, now were left with prophecy.  The Mayans were nice enough to come up with a date.  Biblical prophecy around Israel is ridiculous.  In the King James version, Israel gets their language back, then their land and army, then things get really bad.  Let's look at this.  At the end of the 19th century, Hebrew was like Latin, a dead language.  Eliezer Ben Yehuda is responsible for returning it to a living language, once again.  Then in the middle of the 20th century a madman decides to try and kill them all and their land is restored.  Everyone knows they have a bad ass army and, at the moment, things are looking grim for them.  Like it or not, that is accurate prophecy to a point.  It's not just bible, the Vedic texts, the book of Thoth, etc.  Pick your book, they all have something to say about the current day.  I know this sounds crazy.  I was reared as a western secularist trained in critical and logical thinking so I don't want to believe any of this.  I just wish all the arrows would stop pointing in the same direction.