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Wyclef Jean Would Make a Good President For Haiti

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Confirmed: Wyclef Jean Will Run for President of Haiti

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Wyclef Jean (album)

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But is that a good thing?

The speculation started last year, and after the rumors got really heated in the last couple of weeks, hip-hop artist Wyclef Jean has finally confirmed to TIME magazine that he will announce his candidacy for Haiti's presidency in the next few days. The news has also been confirmed by a Haitian official who will welcome Jean into his coalition.

According to CNN, the official announcement will come on an upcoming appearance on talk show Larry King Live. Another possibility is that he'll make the dramatic declaration when he arrives in Haiti on August 5th.

Jean, who sometimes describes himself as a modern-day Moses, said that the motivation came from witnessing the effects of January's devastating earthquake in Haiti. Says Jean:… Continues …

What's your opinion of Wikileaks' Julian Assange?

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Is the Wikileaks Founder About to Be Assassinated?

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Julian Assange: Soon-to-be-whacked?Julian Assange: Soon-to-be-whacked?

Julian Assange is making himself very inconvenient for the establishment right now. When his website Wikileaks recently released documents to the media regarding the war in Afghanistan, it caused a firestorm of debate and criticism at the worst possible time for the US military, which is trying desperately to drum up more support for their efforts in that part of the world. Some are now saying that the "hit list" of Task Force 373 could amount to war crimes.

The Pentagon has opened an inquiry aimed at finding the source of Wikileaks' information. But they may have bigger problems on the horizon: the whistleblowing site has three times as much classified information relating to the Iraq war, Newsweek has learned. When and how this cache of documents will ultimately be released has yet to be determined, but we can almost certainly assume that the US government is scrambling to learn everything they can in order to limit the political and intelligence fallout.

"Biggest Leak Ever" Suggests Pakistan is Aiding the Taliban

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As the longest war in American history plods along in its ninth year, whistleblowing site Wikileaks has released thousands of pages of classified documents relating to the conflict in Afghanistan, which have subsequently been summarized and published by the New York Times and other online newspapers. The Guardian is calling it "the biggest leak in intelligence history."… Continues …

A Desperate Chavez Tells Colombia It's Over

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El Comandante Hugo Chavez en el Salón Ayacucho

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Known for his aggressive stances and incendiary speech over the past several years towards his country's neighbors, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez took the final step on Thursday of severing all ties with Colombia. The two countries have had a history of tensions which ratcheted up this month. Apparently the last straw came at a meeting of the Organization of American States, when Colombia presented evidence showing that guerrillas were hiding within Venezuela's borders, including members of FARC. In retaliation, Chavez announced that he was closing the embassy in Bogota while at the same time admitting that Colombia was their "brother nation".… Continues …

Summer of Racism in the United States

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Image by maHidoodi via Flickr

A glut of racially-tinged stories seems to be flooding the United States this summer - so many that it has some people wondering what the heck is going on.

The madness was prefaced in March of this year by racial epithets hurled at black members of Congress by people who were protesting the passage of the health care reform bill.

Then Arizona really stirred up the pot. The state passed their now-infamous and highly controversial immigration law, which contains a provision for law enforcement officials to demand immigration documents whenever they have "reasonable suspicion" that a person might be an illegal alien. Opponents of the law claim that it encourages racial profiling.… Continues …

New Report Details US Intelligence Bloat

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Top secret area

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The Washington Post today released a much-anticipated report entitled Top Secret America which highlights the increasing complexity and general unwieldiness of the US intelligence infrastructure. The bloat detailed in the two-year project is neatly summarized by the BBC:

"It says nearly 2,000 private companies and 1,270 government agencies are involved in counter-terror work at 10,000 locations across the country."

The report was heavily discussed and debated even before it was released. Apparently it caused a lot of fear and consternation in the intelligence community, which released statements and sent out preparatory emails to those likely to be affected.… Continues …

Burqas should be banned in all public areas

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Syria Issues Ban on Face Veils at Universities

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Three women with white niqab

Image by superblinkymac via Flickr

Syria has issued a directive forbidding its female students at public universities from wearing face-covering veils. The reason for this ban is to guard against Islamic fundamentalism. A source who wanted to remain anonymous said that the Minister of Higher Education in Syria told his assistants that "We will not leave our daughters a prey for extremist thoughts." Apparently the minister's edict has been well-received by most Syrians.

With all the uproar in Western Europe about countries banning or attempting to ban the burqa in public schools and elsewhere (in France last week, and currently being debated by Spain's parliament), it's a little surprising to see a Muslim country do it. It's also interesting to hear Syria take such a strong stand against extremist forms of Islam.… Continues …

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