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How will the BP Deepwater Horizon Gulf oil spill be stopped?

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History Repeating Itself in the Gulf of Mexico?

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Deepwater Horizon Drill Rig

Image by SkyTruth via Flickr

After mesmerizing much of America and the rest of the world on Saturday, we're faced with the sobering reality now that BP's top-kill approach has failed to stop the oil gushing in the Gulf of Mexico. The White House continues to alternate between pseudo-apologetic and angry, with Obama saying that the failure is "as enraging as it is heartbreaking."

Ixtoc I oil well blowout

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The Deepwater Horizon disaster is not actually the first major oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, or even the largest. That honor belongs to the Ixtoc I disaster in 1979. The similarities are shocking and many: an explosion aboard an oil rig, a faulty blowout preventer, chemical dispersants, junk shots and top kills - and months of gushing oil. Rachel Maddox summarizes these and other similarities in an excellent and highly recommended video which suggests that history is repeating itself, and that drilling relief wells is the only proven solution.… Continues …

When your love of online gaming goes too far

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Here's what many young people in Seoul do for ...

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I remember reading in March about a South Korean couple, who were addicted to online gaming. Internet addiction is something that many people struggle with to some degree, but they were apparently so obsessed with the game Prius Online that they neglected their 3 month old baby daughter and she died of starvation.

The website for the game maker, Netmarble, has a banner at the top of their website for Prius Online which features a pretty fairy, and says "Now it's my turn to protect you." Isn't it one of the most basic human instincts to protect our own children? How could both parents be so wrapped up in this online world that they would abandon their basic parental responsibilities of feeding and caring for their own child?… Continues …

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