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Behind the Certain!


It's the End of the World As We Know It, and I Feel Fine!

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Okay folks. Here we go. Anyone who has read my previous articles will no doubt be aware that I have very sceptical views on what we like to call “democracy” and even more sceptical views on the foreign policy of pretty much every government, especially that of the UK and our (for now) younger but more hard-assed sibling the US.

I’ve sat back in wonder at the situation we find ourselves in regarding the Middle-East/North Africa and the seemingly organic democratic uprisings of its trodden on citizens.

It’s the largest political shift in our lifetime and may determine the course of our entire species. There, I said it. People are skirting round this point, but what’s at stake is the exposure of the deceptions our respective governments carry out, the response to which by those of us who hold none of the wealth could trigger a forced change in the way we approach politics on the whole.

For too long we have “policed” the world's troubled spots and attempted to “install” democracy, which all sounds very neat doesn’t it. Like a cowboy plumber fixing your toilet! “Quick installation... equipment... plus service charge and a tip that’ll be 200 quid please!”

If only that were so, instead we blow the shit out of the toilet, build a new toilet with our own cheap equipment we pay you for, and the service charge is we take over your economy and the tip is the national debt you now owe us for helping you and your bowel movement shenanigans!

The US and its hegemonic drive for global dominance has always been served with the tagline that we are spreading Democracy! Democracy! Democracy! The trouble is, it’s always down the barrel of a gun or blinking through the green eye of night vision goggles worn by pilots who pick out targets and destroy them from around a hundred miles away, never actually going near the damned thing.

Now the fact that the recent uprisings, starting in Tunisia by the ultimate act of martyrdom by an oppressed street vendor against an oppressive regime, has risen organically, and spread throughout all of the Middle East/North African masses has meant the “West” headed by the US was very, very quiet for around a month. It is easy to see why.

After all, the democratic outburst was in response to the oppressive and suppressive action of West-backed dictators. Our rich buddies, until now. The arms used against them during uprisings were made by us. So it would look a bit stupid if we kicked off with the dictators. But also, what opposed it was the purest form of a commodity whose name has been abused in recent years, namely democracy. So any condemnation of the uprising would be even more contradictory. Maybe? Finally? Is the genie out of the bottle for those who believe in true democracy? We may have to wait a bit and see.

America doesn’t fear the uprising of radical Islam; it fears the uprising of free choice and independence. And the fact that most regimes which are on the verge of or have been overthrown are seeking to install Islamic anti-West government has cornered the US into a stunned “Do what you want as long as no-one gets hurt because we really care honest we do!” display of not giving a shit.

The “West” have their dirty fingers and toes in all of these despotic little pies so any sort of verbal attack on the Arab leaders only came about when their deposition was either inevitable or in progress. And they couldn’t condemn the “Rebels” or as I call them... people! Because that would mean they condemn pure democracy. Which would mean the whole world and not just us sceptics would begin to see what goes on behind the curtain.

This brings me on to a number of hypocrisies around the whole issue of the uprisings.

We’ll start at the beginning. The US and the “West” prop up and supply arms to all of those involved in the uprisings. That’s not even worth debating. Half a brain cell and a rudimentary knowledge of how to surf the net will find that out for you... apart from... that’s right... Libya. That’s left to China and Russia, and the force it has is somewhat like that it had in 1986 when America which came about due to Libyan terrorist links with the blowing up of a Berlin nightclub US services haunt. 2 US airmen were killed. 2 US Airmen were also killed when their F-111 was shot down over Libya during retaliatory strikes, as well as 45 soldiers and 15 civilians making one wonder was that an over re-action. But it was a short sharp shock to tell Gaddafi who he was messing with. And being the nut-job he is it sent him on to escalate terrorist campaigns including that of the Lockerbie Bombings as well as that of UTA Flight 772.

The US in 2008 ordered Libya to pay into a fund which would provide compensation for victims of Lockerbie, The Berlin Nightclub bombings, UTA Flight 772 and his own people who were killed during the US air strikes in 1986.

Now here’s the important bit. Upon payment President George W “What da funk?” Bush signed an executive order providing Libya immunity from future terror related lawsuits and the dismissing of all pending compensation cases in the US. A US State Department spokesperson, Sean McCormack, hailed it as a "laudable milestone ... clearing the way for a continued and expanding US-Libyan partnership." ... Aw bless! Not long after the guy who was accused of carrying out the bombing was released just to throw a bit of smoke over the US climb down.

This is why the US had been slow to move but quick to take the back seat. Gaddafi is the sort of guy who if they can keep sweet (presumably with a lifetime supply of mirrored Ray Ban shades!) will not spurt his mouth open with info on all the dodgy behind the curtain dealings between the US and it’s minions and despot desktop fruit loop dictators.

No matter how much of a loon this guy is he probably holds secrets which no madman could make up and it would more than likely cause uproar beyond the horizons of the Middle East and North Africa.

Whilst the press has had its teeth in Libya only the most observant of wandering eyes has stumbled upon the rafting up of un-remarked upon attacks on the Gaza strip and the seemingly “Fuck You!” flauntability of the Saudi military just waltzing over Bahrain causeway to wipe out a few disgruntled masses on behalf of the pretty much overthrown but hanging on by a thread Bahrain Royal Family. I can’t actually remember a UN resolution on that one can... anybody here just... nope? Show of hands? Nope. No-one. Because it didn’t happen, good reader. And why? That’s right, because they have all of the money. All of the money. It’s just black, runny and smelly and lives underground waiting to be tapped.

Nope. None of that is important. What’s more important is behaving like a cat pawing at an injured rodent, goading it to kick off so there’s some sport in the kill. Being a major player in the African Union may be the joker that’s holding his would-be aggressors at bay. After all Africa is the number one focus for the Chinese with its commu-capitalistic sweep for world supremacy. As all fledgling empires have done in the past, China is tackling Africa and the acquisition of its natural resources as a means of fuelling its economy. Where they have been a lot smarter though is by investing in the communities and regions it works with. They see everything as a partnership with the people and not just a case of convincing warlords or dictators with money to enslave their people. They are building cities once levelled by civil wars and simple neglect. Yet in Libya there is more than a strong case to suggest that part of the reason of the revolt had been that the investments made by China have resulted in projects which have mined the labour resources of the Chinese themselves when most Libyans cannot find work.

I fear this why when seeking a resolution to impose sanctions on Libya, China followed the rest of the UN but as far as taking military action with the sanctioning of the no-fly zone it abstained from voting at all.

To sum up, these uprisings have like nature itself, thrown a spanner in the works of the world order and may herald the messy or not so messy transition of power from one superpower to another.

Both the US and China are playing things easy and not rocking the natural resource boat as it is these resources which will determine the future of the human species. Whoever reels the right spiel or does the dodgiest deal (and gets away with it) will lead our species for a bit. But Empires always crumble. The US’s grip has been the tightest and most violent to date but fortunately has been the shortest. China’s done this before; let’s just hope it learnt a few lessons along the way.

I’m sorry if this is incoherent, good reader, as there has been a lot to think about of late. My faith in humanity has been stretched to the limit and to both ends of the spectrum in just few months. All this and it still ain't summer! Whoop!

There’s something in here for you vultures to pick at! Tuck in!

Love and peace to you and yours.



DaveR's picture

So are you calling out "the

So are you calling out "the west" or the US?  You seem to use both interchangeably..

The action in Libya was UN-approved and arguably not just the US acting alone..

Hewy's picture

Not so much a calling out.

I'm not particularly calling out anyone. I just think the whole thing wee bit fishy. For once the US seemed to be used as a tool by other nations to implement the no fly zone. It seems the worlds masses are all disgusted with their governments and their handing over of power to financial institutions and or their "backers" and some are using the superhero image to best affect in order for people to take their eyes off the real problems.

Personally I was not against the no-fly zone. And as much as I loath the UK Prime Minister, the cretinous David Cameron was the first member of the UN to request a no-fly zone and I think the UN should have acted immediately. Instead,by the time the resolution was passed, spurred on weeks earlier by the pleas of the Libyan rebels themselves, they were hemmed in the city of Benghazi by the re-energized pro-Gaddafi forces. I felt at the time that passing the revolution and actually telling the worlds press that it could be another 48 hours before planes would control the skies they were giving Gadaffi too much opportunity to wade in and cause a bloodbath. The fact that he didn't suggests he over exaggerated the actual powers he has at hand or was merely sabre rattling. Let's not forget a week earlier reports were abundant that the Libyan armed forces sided with the rebels and refused orders to kill. Cameron's new buddy Nicolas Sarkozy was as quick and has taken the reigns as leader of the coalition as the US chooses to slip into the background. 

On their respective domestic fronts both Cameron and Sarkozy's arses are in the firing line for decimating the economies of their already spent out countries, with imminent French elections and the worst first year of term any UK government has ever had they led the march. Cameron coming across the biggest clown of the 2 as he has just decimated the UK's armed forces by destroying the air-wing of our navy, cancelling a number of highly advanced military projects and scrapping, Nimrod, Harrier and Tornado F3 aircraft and both of our aircraft carriers long before our new carriers are ready, not that it would make any difference as the new carriers will be scrapped as soon as they are completed as they feel it would be cheaper to complete the programme and scrap them than paying out the compensation attributed to cancelling the programme so far through development. The Harrier being the most successful support attack aircraft in Afghanistan and perfectly suited for manning no-fly zones.

The whole of the UN is in economic crisis apart from oddly enough the big 5 who abstained from voting. Russia is apparently rising back like the veritable Phoenix to be a major force. China and India are the fastest growing economies in human history and Brazil has massive ties with both countries. Germany is the most stable member of the EU and one of the largest contributers to arming the dictatorships. These counties have nothing to gain or lose by having Gadaffi around but obviously feel life would be a bit easier without him.

The UN as well as the Arab League and the African Union see this as a chance of getting rid of Gaddafi (the troublesome annoying mental case that he is) without getting blood on their hands and we want his oil his gold. We've been using his oil for a while but on his terms, it just so happens that his terms included the US wiping him off the Terrorist List and considering he has had dealings with the CIA the US won't want him to squeal no matter how loopy we think he is.

Just as with the case with Saddam Hussein, we watched him kill his own people and kept arming him and paying him for his commodities. This time we have had the backing of the people of Libya themselves to act, so the US and all of it's might, isn't actually required, which is just as well as the people of the US are quite frankly a bit pissed off with the amount of bodies being flown back home from foreign lands for reasons they don't really understand and the whole premise behind Obama's tenure was that of a messianic peace loving JFK figure... albeit the US has spent more money on defence than George "Yippe Kayay!" Dubbya Bush, but that's another story to be explored.

But our pals. We leave to get on with it. The most attrocious civil rights acts are metered out by all of our other Arabian chums. But they have larger arms, and we should know because they buy their arms from us. So we let those attrocities slide.

Finkelstein44's picture

"younger but more hard-assed

"younger but more hard-assed sibling the US"  Aaaahahahahahah classic!

Hewy's picture


Being the sleep deprived underworld that is my life, I have just listened to a live relay of President Obama's address to the US/the world regarding his countries role in the current uprisings in the middle east. Needless to say it was excellent. Faultless. I'm not saying it was true or I agree to it, I'll have to digest it some more but I was impressed.

There seemed to be an underlying context that the US has had it with Policing the world full stop, and not just in this instance with Libya. This could prove to be very interesting.

The only disappointment is that he didn't have the balls to discuss the situation in Bahrain and the numerous war crimes associated with the Royal Families drafting in of Saudi Forces.

Back soon when I've soaked this speech up some more.

Anonymous's picture

You said: America

You said: America doesn’t fear the uprising of radical Islam; it fears the uprising of free choice and independence.

But wouldnt that mean that America would support Kaddafi? He represents the absence of free choice and independence. It doesn't really follow from your statement that they would support the rebels

Hewy's picture

Yes I did.

"You said: America doesn’t fear the uprising of radical Islam; it fears the uprising of free choice and independence.

But wouldn’t that mean that America would support Kaddafi? He represents the absence of free choice and independence. It doesn't really follow from your statement that they would support the rebels"

You are assuming the US represents freedom and independence? There is no one out there representing freedom and independence. Not a single government. That is of course unless you are wealthy.

The US views Gaddafi as more of an annoying distraction than anything else. He plays the US and is unstable like Saddam Hussein was but even the simplest man on the street see's Gaddafi as nothing more than a toothless clown. If they really wanted him out they'd take him out as they did Saddam. But we find ourselves at the beginning of the US point scoring war for the 2012 Elections and whoever is in charge would be insane to have more brave men and women sacrificed and coming home in body bags for protecting US “interests”, a threat to national security maybe but a simple threat to its “interests” (in this case the gaining of confidence within the Arab states for future use of its resources) in the current tumultuous climate within the US would cause an uprising in itself.

This is why he is putting the US in the backseat of the Libyan mission. The UK and France are leading the way on this one, because although each of our (I’m British by the way) defence forces have been decimated in recent cuts, the antiquated mid-cold war technology and fractured organisation of Gaddafi’s armed forces would still pose no significant problems in overthrowing. So it would be easier to arm the uprising citizens and let them work it out. Let them fill their own body bags.

Now if we look at Bahrain, a nation which looks after the US Navy and Air Force in the middle east we see a similar uprising to a similarly oppressive regime we have the Saudi armed forces (made up entirely out of western weaponry and even trained by the west) waltzing into the country without a mandate from anyone to kill civilians and suppress their clamour for whatever they believe “democracy” to be. They have been begging for assistance longer than the Libyans and they are people who man the US airbases and Naval stations in that country, yet the US or NATO with US backing won’t help them?  Hhhhmmm! Talk about double standards. The US’s response to this problem has been to suggest that all US personnel evacuate the island.

And Yemen. Know as much for helping combat terrorism by providing the US with extremely important intelligence as it is for harbouring terrorists itself is a trickier kettle of fish, that’s understandable but their citizens are also uprising and pleading for help.    

Maybe Gaddafi is right. Maybe Al Qaeda/Taliban/Whatever are behind the uprisings. Maybe they thought they could beat the democratic west at its own game. Maybe they can ask the poor to rise and request democracy to vote in who they want. That way if they democratically vote in Taliban type groups they checkmate the West and give them  a dose of their own medicine. What will the US and indeed the rest of the world do then? Denounce democracy?

So yes, I do think the US are concerned that the Arabs they’ve spent the latter half of the last century pissing off something rotten with help from “the West” are organically installing democracy where once it was forced at gunpoint with a mind at looking to choose the course and direction of their own destiny. Hence I stick by that statement.

Kuncen's picture

Why are the Libyan rebels

Why are the Libyan rebels offering a ceasefire?

I'm sure there is more to this story.  It's been well-reported that they're running out of arms.  But is that it?


Hewy's picture

About to ask that question.

Reports have stated they are indeed running out of equipment. Also the hardware they stole included a number of Libyan Tanks, Armoured Cars, Trucks and SA- Guns. So how is a guy even with the best intelligence up in his Tornado GR4 expected to know who's who?

A couple of puzzling possibilities.

1) Maybe their request initally came about purely because planes were attacking them an they though a no-fly zone would be the answer, remember of course it's what the rebels specifically asked for?

2) Maybe they have suddenly realised the extent of collateral civillian deaths which always occur due to Blue on Blue incidents during no-fly zone conditions after the deaths the day before.

3) Maybe the strong possibility that the rebels who are uprising are, or are supported by Al Qaeda to oust the until now western backed Gadaffi don't feel its right to accept US arms as they propose?

To be honest each day a new development is pounced on by the media, their tails twisting in the wind and exaggerated as means of over confusing the situation for us all so I'm sure we just need to step back and take stock. This why the exist, to enchant and take our eyes the truth.

Who knows?

Hewy's picture

"Reports have stated they are

"Reports have stated they are indeed running out of equipment. Also the hardware they stole included a number of Libyan Tanks, Armoured Cars, Trucks and SA- Guns. So how is a guy even with the best intelligence up in his Tornado GR4 expected to know who's who?"

The result of confusion just like I predicted or a rattling of the hive just to spice things up a bit, either way lamentable:

Kuncen's picture

Historical Libyan parallel

Excellent historical run-down of the similarities between the current campaign in Libya and a much older involvement of the US:

Written by an historian, naturally.


Hewy's picture

Most excellent!

Indeed, brilliant comparisons.

The history of Africa/Middle East is strewn with similar if not identical replications of what is currently taking place, I recommend anyone to read or indeed watch the series of the same name wriiten and presented by Niall Ferguson The War of the World in which he parallels ancient conflicts with current/recent ones and looks into mans constant war with itself. It's gruesome but compelling reading, allowing little hope for the future of our species should we acrry on down this destructive path.

Kuncen's picture

Looks very interesting.  I'll

Looks very interesting.  I'll be sure to check some of these out.