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A Kingdom United?

A deeper look into the events and actions within the U.K. Aiming to analyse and discuss the effects events have on our daily lives, the media portrayal of such events and the political wrangling they create.

Cuts, Cuts, Cuts.

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It would seem that the focus of the press at the moment is all about the changes to Government spending and how it is changing the services that available to the British Punter.  Doom and gloom stories are about all of the time and it would be  a ostrich-like news fanatic of me not to point some of this stuff out. 

Education changes have been making the headlines, mainly due to ongoing "riots" during student protests over fees.  Not like Riots back in my day mind, they were proper riots with proper pipe bombs, coshs and  Riot Squad everywhere.  A Gentleman was charged this week with "violent disorder" for throwing a fire extinguisher through a window such was his rage.

Arts and Education have been presented with grim news regularly and most recently there has been news that writers Michael Self, Rachel Mosse and have spoken out against the proposed cutting of up to 1/4 of librarians jobs, with the possibility of drafting in volunteers.  Ms Mosse was quoted as saying "frontline support for literacy is being cut".  Fair statement, and a rather worrying one if you take into account that New Roman" size="3">an estimated 43% of all 11-year olds cannot read, write and add up properly when they leave primary school.

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Free legal advice is being trimmed somewhat, and supposedly hundreds of thousands of people are going lose out.  It strikes me that those who need legal advice will still recieve it, as it will always be offered by the boys in blue when feeling the collor of UK society's "unintentional arse boil".  This will never change.  In all honesty if I didn't have to contribute some of my taxes to advise criminals, I would be a slightly happier gentleman. Perhaps.

The Police may find themselves a subject of  the You Strike, We are Out? article as The Police Commissioner struggles to juggle the finances given to him under current operations.  The Police have been given an incentive to strike, they can do so but lose the financial benefits that they currently have.  Can't see it happening to be honest.  It will mean that there will be less Police visible in the future though, that you can be guaranteed of.

The Army seems to be in exactly the same boat as the Police, with Sir David Richards stating that Armed Forces Pensions should be protected against the "worst excesses" of public sector pensions cuts.  I hate to say it but I feel as if this is a statement more out of necessity than actually having conviction that the Coalition are listening, because they clearly are not.  The Government have said "No".

The bad boys of UK Business, the Banks continue to try and gain a better image with the public, by announcing under the leadership of the British Banking Association, they are looking to cut bonuses next year.  A suggested figure has been a collective cut from £7 Billion to £4 Billion, although that is still likely to to be far too much in the public eye (personally all bonuses should be cut, along with salary due to the utter mess they have made of many many economies across the globe).  The best part of this is the fact that if the meeting does go ahead, it could be viewed as collusion and would be investigated by The Office of Fair Trading (Correct me if I am wrong, but shouldn't these guys be all over the banks at the moment?).

Some other news on cuts

  • The International Monetary fund have said the cuts are rubbish and are going to cause more damage than good.  Not in so many words, of course. 
  • Despite US Government not having much time for Mr Cameron, he seems to be tickling the balls of China, and implementing the US handbook of running a country.  Mega Muppet.  I think he thinks he can turn the UK into China in 5 years, using a Western Blueprint.  Meanwhile America is supposedly attempting to curry favour with India.  All this seems to be a desperate ploy to ensure that the West remains part of the Dominators in World Politics.
  • Probably the most thought about change in benefits will be the name.  The Government have decided to call "out of work benefits".  A Universal credit.  Very nice of them, no doubt they will produce an even longer guide than is currently published top understand it, and have a plethora of grumpy, saggy faced near pensioners answering 2 telephone lines committed to ass sis tance.  Ian Duncan Smith believes it will work, but then The Conservatives are full of self-belief at the moment, or something.  Mr Smith went on to say that is a sin that UK workers are losing out on 70% of jobs available to foreigners.  Mr Smith made the amazing claim that they (I have not figured out who the "We" is yet) created 4 millions jobs in the last 13 years (Labour period, all of it).  Mr Smith also seems to have a wee bit of amnesia in terms of which party turned the UK into a exam passing nation around about the time I went to school.
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mounted police

Bloody hell. Check out this footage of mounted police charging peaceful protesters in London. Appears the police just can't wait for a 'proper riot', 

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Holy cow man, that is disturbing, and very scary. Can't believe the police did that. Also can't believe the students were able to keep from attacking the police... they showed a lot of restraint.

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What a load of rubbish.

I have watched this video several time now, and wanted to point out a couple of things.

  1. at 1.12 on the video it shows Mounted Policemen trotting (not charging) in the background.  It does not show anyone being charged at by Policemen
  2. at around 1.25 on the video it shows Mounted Policemen in the crowd,  They are still not charging and in fact a few people are actually touching the horses.
  3. There does not seem to have been any reports of anyone hurt by horses, which itself would seem strange as a suggested charge by a group of horses at a crowd of people would lead to severe injuries, and perhaps death.

I can't seem to get the sound working, so can't actually work out what has been said.  Some things to consider.

  • The Police were doing their job.  In all likely hood Mounted Police were being used because of the violence and destruction caused by naughty protesters.  The powers that be decided to use the Mounted Policemen in response. Please note that the powers that be will never attend said demonstration and have little idea of what it would be like to be there.
  • Mounted Police are there to intimidate.  That is the main focus of their role.  It is obviously a happy coincidence that occasionally Mounted Policemen can be spotted on the news in a public building exercise, but in reality they are there because huge horses walking around tend to keep the idiots in check.  This particular demonstration was obviously not viewed by the police as having the potential to create a lot of problems, because if it had, there would not be any horses.  It would be hard arse men, in riot gear and bloody big batons.  Like the Riots of the 90's in the North East of England.
  • Animal handlers in the Police Force are considered as a rather strange breed by the rest of the Force.  The Metropolitan Police are regarded as an alien entity by the rest of the Police Force in the UK.
  • We can remove the humanity of a Policeman by referring to the whole organisation instead.  It is fine for a woman to cry on the streets due to fear, but it would not be fine for a young police officer who has a wife and two newborns to panic.  I am not suggesting that this actually happened, but it does need considering.
  • The faceless entity that created this whole scenario will be emboldened and will use the consequences to push through their changes.  The Governing Body.  The outcome of the whole saga has allowed Cameron to slate the protesters, and paint them in a bad light because of the actions of a few.  Millions of idiots across the country will be complaining about the protests due to the way in which the news has been presented to them, and any further changes to the Police Force the government wish to make, well they have one very good reason now, do they not?

The thieves and the criminals will benefit for this, mark my words, those in power and those that will profit from having a much smaller Police Profile than we currently do.  I actually took umbrage at the use of the word "Brave".  It is a word that has been used so many times in propaganda that it feels like a word that is only ever used in lies now.  For instance the headline we have all seen "Brave soldier dies for country".  The chances are any soldier dying is not dying for his country.  Long ago are the days of "Let's do it for Blighty".  A soldier dies because he or she probably had little in the choice of employment (possibly because of ridiculous government policies) and the best option was the army.  They probably joined the army for a good wage, a good education and quite possibly because the believe all that bullshit about joining the army and travelling the world.  They didn't do it for their country, they did it for their family and a wage packet.  And dying bravely?  Does anybody truly believe that anymore?  If you die because you have been injured, the chances are you are screaming, crying and covered in a mighty mess of your own body.  Bravery is a propaganda word, covering over the fact that someone either did not have a choice, had convictions that maybe slightly mental or did the only thing they knew how (whether voluntary or not).

The saddest thing in this debacle is that all of the Media coverage will probably only fuel The Coalition in their intentions.  This is a winter of Discontent, but the wrong people are being used to fight the wrong people.  I would hope that students who wish to protest think about ways thay can do this and minimise the idiots who are involved, therefore reducing the need for Policemen, who probably are actually supporting the students, as they are getting shafted by the same people, in a different way.

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I dunno mate, it looked like a charge to me. Try and get the sound if you can. They charged originally, to get the crowd moving and then continued trotting to drive the crown from the square. There was no prior warning to disperse. The most appalling aspect of this is that the protest was legally allowed for another hour (until 7pm). It was a gross violation of their right, as British citizens, to protest. Dispersing of largely peaceful crowds making a legal, very valid point might happen in Tehran or Beijing, but it shouldn't happen in London.

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Right to Protest

You are so very right about our right to protest, and by and large it is supported and allowed.  If a infraction of the law is carried out however, it becomes a different matter.  This is my point.  Idiots decided to carry out unlawful acts against the building housing the very party that holds power.  That's unacceptable in the view of those that are ruling.  His very words, and therefore gives them the right to disperse the the march.  Both Policemen/women and peaceful protesters pawns in a game.  Being shafted.

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Where was the word 'brave' used?

MrShaw's picture


The Guardian article I think.

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This is a charge!