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A Kingdom United?

A deeper look into the events and actions within the U.K. Aiming to analyse and discuss the effects events have on our daily lives, the media portrayal of such events and the political wrangling they create.

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Map showing the 34 provinces of Afghanistan.

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Governor Patrick swears in Paul M. Yee, Jr. as...

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  • There has been a lot of anger on the outcome of the student protest by both sides (a lot more to come on this as well).  TV Station Camp Cameron said he thought it was unacceptable. He was at the time possible juggling Durian for the pleasure of anyone of these men.
  • England has been announced the Michel Platini of the  European Cocaine sniffing equivalent world. A link to the current recession, anyone, anyone .....takers, anyone?
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With reference to the first point, wouldn't it be more accurate to say that the Taliban can't be defeated? Afghanistan the country fell immediately, way back in 2001. At any rate, it was refreshing to hear a military general admit that terrorism can't be defeated outright.

I too was shocked to read that McDonald's and Pepsi will be helping to write health policy in the UK.  The move was weakly defended as necessary to have a "diverse range of experts". I just can't see any good coming out of this, and it seems like very transparent business-government collusion.

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The Very Words

Apologies, that was actually an MrShaw in-joke at the fact that Sir David Richards had fallen into the trap of answering a very phrased question  "if it was possible to beat "Islamism" by the BBC.  I am sure you are smart enough to realise that due to The Conservatives, who the real boss of BBC is now.  You are correct indeed in saying the Taliban can't be defeated, as Sir Richards points out, probably due to realising his slip.  He is obviously not as dim as I suggest, but it helps. :)

In the case of Maccy D's and Kentucky Fried Rat, I am not surprised in the slightest bit.  For the last three weeks I have been following stories of Cameron and company selling off anything of worth.  With a bit of luck he will manage to find a way to flog off and yet still make a profit from the Royal Family and all its holdings, we shall see.  The phrase "That horrible, horrible woman" (The Queen on Margaret Thatcher) may be used again, possibly replacing the word woman with media hag. Everything that Cameron touches at the moment is for sale.

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The US could be on the verge of a disastrous own goal regarding the Taliban.

Reports of the US discussing peace terms with the Taliban which were abound on Monday have been dismissed by one of their leaders as rumour

This suggests the US is looking to retreat from the plains and mountains of Afghanistan sooner rather than later and is relying on rhetoric to kick up some form of dust cloud as they do so. 

They have most definitely however begun heaping praise and indeed responsibility upon a certain Col. Abdul Razzik. A violent tyrannical drug lord who controls the southern Pakistan/Afghanistan border who from all accounts is a disenfranchised former Taliban fighter. He has developed a small yet effective army (a sort of Taliban Mk.II) which has been successful in clearing Taliban strongholds in Kandahar. In return for his assistance the (once loathed by the US) tyrant has a blind eye cast on his corrupt heroine sideline. His success against the Taliban are not exactly precise, in his most notorious attack one of his men fired an RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade) at a parked booby-trapped stolen police car only for them to miss and accidentally hit a tree which was housing a Taliban suicide bomber who fell to the floor and blew up taking the car with him. Happy accidents are nice. Nasty ones aren't. The US are encouraging him to become a national player.

I'm sure he was picked up from the Tatooine Cantina in Episode IV.

My point is, when shit hits the fan the US always court favour with unstable criminals then install them and give them free dictatorial reign to massacre, control and subjugate it's people. With worse results than the guys we they went there to overthrow in the first place. Here's just a few to wet the appetite

Tuck in!

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Foreign Policy

It is common in both the UK and US to indulge in 'Projection' to find the best thing to accuse others of : spotlight your own faults as others' responsibilities.

In Iraq the Baathists were prohibited from forming any part of the new government - since they were the only ones with any experience. In Afghanistan that is also the case with the Taliban - those nasty people who had the temerity to require proper legal formalities be followed in handing over a Saudi prince - who had been working for and funding the CIA both - to the tender mercies of the U.S. 'legal system.' It's a wonder I didn't choke on that phrase.

Regardless, I am sure you can see even in these two examples a pattern of making sure that an independent functioning local government is impossible by excluding the qualified : not that such would ever be likely in Afghanistan, a land of arid valleys separated by mountains and inhabited by a ridiculously diverse exhibition of individual cultures and languages.