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A Kingdom United?

A deeper look into the events and actions within the U.K. Aiming to analyse and discuss the effects events have on our daily lives, the media portrayal of such events and the political wrangling they create.

The Week that was - Football

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With a rather weary cast upon all that was political in the UK, it was sport that seemed to cheer me up the most. 

  Sir Alex Fer...

Image by Getty Images via @daylife

Sir Alex and Wayne Rooney have had a bit of a spat, and Wayne is all ready to ship off to Spain, where he no doubt will get a "decent egg banjo" whenever he needs one.  I think Wayne's card is heavily marked at Manchester United now, and Ferguson will have him shipped off quicker than you can say "Juicy Jeni Thompson".

On a different note a FIFA official has stated that the latest scandal with regards to the possible bribery allegations will not harm Englands bid for the World Cup, which probably means he got his share then.  Little wonder that Lord Coe has put such a huge price on tickets to The Olympics, paying back "The Man".  Sepp Blatter went on to state the affair has had a "very negative impact" on world football's governing body, which was a surprise to me as I always thought that it was Sepp Blatter's head that imposed a very negative impact on the opinion of the average football fan.

 Le Parrain du Football

Image by blogcpolitic via Flickr

Gordon Strachan has supposedly ripped up his contract while having a little chat with the 'Boro bosses.  This coming directly after a poll was published by by the Middlesborogh Evening Gazette give Strachan a big PoorI do wonder if the whole ripping up your contract was not a bad decision (After all, that document would have had his redundancy agreement in it), but more of Gordon trying to handle his temper.  I bet you Alex Ferguson is having a right old chortle over that one.

Roy Hodgson as a head coach of Fulham F.C.

Image via Wikipedia

Roy Hodgson must be quaking in his boots right now.  Liverpool have been a bit pants all season (save for Gerrard, who i think would be better off playing by himself).  Everton just showed them how to play football at the weekend, which given their form was a bit surprising and to add insult to injury, the new boss had just popped along to have a look.  Whoops. He left to comments from the crowd in the vein of  "I hope you've kept your receipt".  Roy is certainly not a bad manager, but he is certainly no consistent Top 4 manager in my opinion.  The New Boss, John Henry is loaded with money, and although having stated that he would not pump money into the club, that's exactly what he did with the Red Sox, and they have certainly profited from the profits, so to speak.  Perhaps another club to join City and Chelsea in buying players and then working out a system?  Roy spoke after the defeat and stated "we were not rubbish, they were just excellent, plus Stevie G didn't get his Horlicks last night and he was too busy reading the paper during the match in case someone from the England team had leaked his scandal".  Which pretty much means another contract could be fluttering, snow like around a boardroom table in Merseyside in the not to distant future.

Football is a beautiful game? Possibly but you know that Beauty fell in love with a Beast.

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Love that closing line...

Love that closing line...


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Rooney... eh?

You're right, it's been a nuts week in the fantasy realm of Football-World.

I blame the international breaks. With only one match at the weekend (and that the dreaded prospect of watching England to boot) everyone seems to have too much time on their hands and starts gibbering inanely in the manner of Reginad Perrin who got sacked from his office job but dutifully left the house every morning with suit, briefcase and kiss for the wife and spent the day loafing around Hyde Park.

The Rooney thing is staggering though. I couldn't shake the feeling that I somehow stumbled into a bizarre upside-down parallel universe yesterday. Spent the whole day gibbering "City?...Rooney?....City?...Rooney" in the style of the aformentioned Mr. Perrin.

And all this stuff going on while every major club is staggering around with an absolute mountain of debt. If football was a normal business (say, a flower shop or a cotton mill) it would have been killed off for it's own good years ago.

It is the beautiful game, but it is also the most bizarre, over-blown soap opera conceivable.

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Go Steelers! Just kidding.

Go Steelers! Just kidding. But yeah, the Rooney thing has caught our eye even over here in the USofA. Enjoyed that egg banjo description.

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Well I got that wrong.....

Rooney signs another contract, and the Glaziers cough up some money.  Was that the plan, a game of bluff that Rooney, and perhaps Ferguson cooked up, or will Ferguson still send Rooney packing, perhaps in July, since he will have to play his backside off now and therefore giving him a price tag that will make the club a profit.  I await the next two transfer periods with delight,

In terms of Hodgson, still in shaky shaky bumsqueak time.  Liverpool are pants, and there seems no confidence.  It was sad to learn that  Liverpool fans were stabbed and beaten up in Naples, but if Liverpool dont sort their game out soon, they may not even be in Europe next year, which would surely be seen as disaster by fans and club members.

Gordon Strachan is getting nothing from The Smoggies, but I have not determined whether that is because of his wee tanty in the boardroom or not.

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Stevie Gerrard - Saviour of Merseyside

I watched the second half of the Liverpool game last night, and what a cracker it was.  By the time I got to see the match Liverpool were already a goal down and Steven Gerrard had been brought on, pulled up his socks an had just spooned the ball in Lee "Jigsaw" Clark style well over the crossbar.  And then he started his form of dragging Liverpool by the scruff of the neck into a winning position.  One last ditch attacking tackle and he leveled it, A minute or so later he converts a penalty, though didn't look satisfied as he would have rather scored a class goal, and then a deft chip over the Goalkeeper with pure panache and sealed the win.  Roy Hodgson looked delighted and was probably making more noise than me and my mates, which was considerable.  I can't blame Hodgson for being delighted.  The new owner attended his first official match,  and Europe is so very important to Liverpool that Stevie G and his amazing football probably eased  Hogson's collar for a while.  I would hope that Roy makes the most of his time at Liverpool and possibly progresses to a regular top 4 managers, but time will certainly tell.  All the same, it was an exceptionally entertaining game, one which the last two matches I have been won by teams my family support.  Bring on more of the exciting football.