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A Kingdom United?

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The week that was - Punters, A Pound Up or a Pound of Flesh

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Best of luck for PNE this season!

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Photographing Jonny Wilkinson

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  • The North East's very own celebrity runner, now part time "Late 70's Elvis" impersonator, Nike Director (not traffic division)  and general twittering irritant on anything to do with running - Brendan Foster has been inducted into the England Athletics Hall of Fame. Excellent, i do feel though that this whole business was conducted in a church building, with cups of tea and many many old dears.  Somebody said "Today, he remains one of the best-known personalities in British athletics. I wholeheartedly disagree, and would replace the word personality for  Gold medal gibbering gurning Gibbon.
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I did enjoy this week, and

I did enjoy this week, and there was a lot of sports news too. I like sports. I'm a good sport. Even when Newcastle beat Sunderland i can admit they were better than us. The team, was better than us. But, revelations this week highlight that two of the Newcastle wonderboys are really no better than mindless gutter dwelling fecal matter, the likes of which can be found in the Bigg Market on, well, every. night. If you are looking.

So, it was big news to hear that Toon Twits Andy Carroll and Kevin Nolan went on a 14-hour bender that ended in a drug-fuelled orgy. Impressive. Bad boy Carroll yelled "Ride me! Ride me!" as he romped with a blonde and a brunette in a catsuit, it doesn't state who is in the catsuit, or if they were female, in the bedroom of club skipper Nolan - who is supposed to be taming the wayward England prospect. Ah, England prospect, we've already got a granny bucking, lazy cheat as a star England man, one KENT is enough thanks.

I just wanted to say something about this, and your sports edition really gav me that platform. Cheeeeeeeers.

May your house be free from Tigers