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What do you guys think of 'em?

I'm likely asking for hell writing this post,
but hey, maybe you guys can stay civil on this topic, who knows?
Believe it or not, there are actually quite a lot of intelligent,
reasonable furries out there.

It's like with any fandom, really.
There ARE crackpots, but there are also decent people.

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I think its hot. Kinda turns me on. I'm looking from my girlfriend to my cat right now and having some strange fantasies. Partner-cat hybrid. MMMM Then she'd really be my pu$$ie. Literally.

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Keep it clean, please

Uh, yeah. So this forum topic doesn't really seem very suited to this website, possibly a different website would be a better place to discuss it.

I'm going to let it continue so long as the comments remain intelligent and discuss why people have sexual variations, and the cultural aspects, etc. But it has the potential to get childish/disgusting, and the second it does, I'm shutting it down. Just being pro-active - I'm sure you understand.


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Fair comment. I should probably stay off this when i have had a few. lol

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I put the topic out there, and BAM!

First reply is a horrible pun.

Even HERE we can't have an intelligent discussion about furries.
Yes, there IS indeed furry porn, but remember rule 34.
And there are indeed people known as "Otherkin" who seriously
believe they have the spirit of an animal of some sort.
People with this kind of belief aren't automatically insane,
contrary to what even I used to believe.
For example...

Er, me.
Yeah, I have that belief. I usually keep it private, but this discussion seemed to
call for it. Incase you're wondering, I don't asscociate myself with otherkin,
but eh, I'm prolly gonna get called that anyways.
The animal? Fox. I'm Fox. Now, if you just HAPPEN to know my given name,
I'll gladly respond to it, most who know me IRL call me by it.
Also, I don't use "humans" when reffering to a large group of people.

But enough about boring ol' me.
There ARE furries who identify themselves as human.
(Heck, on FurryMUCK, I play one of the only entirely human characters.)
Those kind of furries merely use their "Fursona" as an avatar.

Anyway, please, PLEASE try to keep the replies intelligent and clean.
(That means you, Stealth.)

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what is a furry

Are these the people that dress up in animal suits? like in that CSI episode. Are you actually being serious?

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BUT, let's face it. CSI is @#$%.
And not ALL furries dress up.
Like me, I don't even have a fursuit.

And that thing with "bestality"?
Fake. I've never met a single furry that wanted to @#$% an animal.

Unfortunately, often when people like me try to enlighten the world a little,
someone always comes and says "We know what you're about",
and then starts rattling on about how sick we are based on a bunch of stereotypes.

Basically, imagine the way D&D players were treated, and you've got the idea.

To give you an idea of what the fandom is REALLY like,
Here's a little "In Character" conversation between me and Vixen.

A little backstory; my character is a kitsune, over 3000 years old.
He has the power of fire, and can do all sorts of stuff, shape-shifting, etc.

Vixen Quandry: 3 thousand years.

Vixen Quandry: Did you know any of the Greek philosophers?

You: I influenced Plato a bit.

You: I, in a fit of pure meanness,
whispered in his ear while he was asleep,
and described a city known nowadays as Atlantis.

You: He was 100% convinced it was real.

Vixen Quandry: It isn't? Wasn't?

You: If it was, it was a total coincidence.

You: Though I DID base Atlantis off a city I visited.

You: By "visited", I mean drove everyone nuts.

Vixen Quandry: It's your JOB, Rit!

You: Heh, yeah.

You: And you know the fire of Rome?

Vixen Quandry: You were friends with Nero?

You: Nah.

You: I STARTED it.

Vixen Quandry: Huh!

You: Nero was a responsible man.

You: He did what any good ruler would do, and built shelters and such.

You: And the fiddle wasn't even INVENTED yet!

You: Mind blowing, isn't it?

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I have to say that the

I have to say that the original poster was pretty gutsy to say so much about their furry-ism knowing it would likely be ridiculed. Fact is, Furries kinda creep me out.

Not because of lifestyle or anything, I just somehow associate people acting like animals with the possessed dolls and teddy bears/stuffed animals I used to see in old horror movies and twilight zone episodes as a kid...there is just something unnerving about animated plush creatures to me. But while I often joke that I am intolerant of Furries and Juggalos, I am also a firm believer in the fact that whether or not I agree with or like what you do, I feel strongly that you have the right to do it.

This actually came up a week or so ago in conversation, because we apparently have enough furry contractors in another department where I work that HR had to decide whether it was ok for them to wear tails and ears to work. The final decision seems to be that it was ok, unless it became a distraction.

EDIT: I mean gutsy with respect...realized it could be taken in an insulting manner the way I wrote it, and wanted to clarify.

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Ironically, I'm also scared

Ironically, I'm also scared @#$%less around fursuiters.
One time, at a Renaissance Fair, I just happened to see, guess what, a guy in a black dog suit.
Needless to say, I ran as fast as I could away from that guy.

I tried to find him again, to maybe take my picture with him, but he was @#$% impossible to find.
Now I feel bad that I never introduced myself to him, we might have gotten along great.
And this is coming from someone who thinks snakes are cute, when they aren't trying to kill you.