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Shame on you Mr Bakrie

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Aburizal Bakrie, Indonesia's Coordinating Mini...

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I was reading the Weekender Magazine from the Jakarta Post this weekend, and came across an article about the recent wedding between Ardi Bakrie and Nia Ramadhani.  The wedding is reported to have cost around $10 Million US, putting it in the top 10 most expensive weddings of all time.  This is the second wedding of a Bakrie offspring  since Lapindo, a company  until recently owned by the Bakrie Group, were directly responsible for a disaster in Sidoarjo.

This seriously sticks in my craw.  While the rich and the famous, including the President, flocked to the extravaganza, millions in Indonesia are still way below the poverty line, and the business dealings of the father of the groom, Aburizal Bakrie,  may have seriously contributed to that statistic.

The Lapindo Brantas mudflow disaster is still to be resolved.  So far only about 20% of the suggest $250 million US suggested by the President has been paid to residents effected by the mudflow issue. Bakrie himself has been quoted as saying he does not feel sorry with regards to the disaster.

I am disappointed obviously for the sheer cheek of a very rich man thumbing his nose at responsibility.  I was also disappointed with the President for attending the wedding, and acting as a witness.  Surely here was the chance to back up his people, and let the rich and the famous know that the can no longer treat the average Indonesian like fools.  I am sure that the President is well aware of the way in which Bakrie does business.  It seems that S.B.Y. is not able to free himself of Bakrie however, having recently been re-elected, possibly with the help of the massive funds at Aburizal's disposal. Bakrie has now sold Lapindo, giving him the potential to wash his hands of the whole muddy saga once and for all.  Does this man have any morals at all?

Bakrie's fortunes have more than likely been passed down through the family, having been accumulated during Suharto's reign.  Bakrie himself has seemed to have dodged one problem after another.  Numerous cases of tax evasion, probable mastermind behind the resignation of Sri Mulyani (which is a travesity due to her ability to improve the Indonesian economy consistently) due to her not bailing out one of his companies financially, and ensuring that Governement favour was passed to his businesses and those of his friends while in Ministerial positions.

Recently a poet and a social scientist joined individuals who have either turned down, or returned the Achmad Bakrie Award in protest of the poor response from the Bakrie Company.  I would hope that many more follow, and indeed the leader of this nation that has so much potential, stands up and focuses his attention on a man that has the power to hold this nation back for his own rewards.

Shame on you Mr Bakrie, Have you no soul?

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bank century

Agreed, Bakrie's a fucking gangster. His crusade against Sri Mulyani in the Bank Century scandal was a result of Sri's refusal to close the Indonesian stock exchange in the wake of the collapse of Lehman Brothers. Closing the national stock exchange would have prevented the share price of his companies taking a beating. He felt that it was in the 'national interest'. Tosser.

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Big wedding

Not familiar with this fellow, but he sounds like a royal jerk. How do you know its in the top 10 weddings of all time? $10 million is a lot, but not that much.

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World's most expensive weddings

This Link is from April 2009, so is over a year old, but I am pretty sure this wedding is still in the Top 10, having cost more than 3 times the amount spent by Paul Mccartney at his wedding in 2001.

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when corporation rules

Well..yeah..sometimes you have no idea how a person can be so mean, so heartless. He certainly never put himself in the mudflow victim's shoes. This case is just another one of many which shows how a state can be so powerless in dealing with big company. SBY's tacit approval to abandon the victims shows his real face as nothing more than a ruler of this country, not a leader. I wonder if the victims did vote for him cause the only way to have a morally good leader in this country is to educate the people, especially those who are poor and uneducated, to be aware of any government policies and actions which are pro-market and pro-rich instead of pro-poor, and to take take notice of the presidential candidates who support such policies. Seems impossible? It is true then that democracy is only for the elite, the rich.

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well,he is definitely one of

well,he is definitely one of the worst rich bastards in the world,,,but  to be where he is right now mightn't have been an easy journey. Thank you for releasing this article that confirms that being wealthy might mean losing your conscience.

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Just saw this posting, a year after it was made. My girlfriend & I attended the wedding because she once did a project with the bride Nia. I don't know her or her husband Bakrie but I am very surprised how rumors can made people so worked up, at times over pure rubbish.

I did some internet checking and found Bakrie has spent USD 600 million and were spending another USD 100 million+ on the mud disaster, even though world scientists agree they are not sure what caused the mud. So say they but others say no.

I am pretty sure the wedding wasn't USD 10 million, it was very impressive but I've been to others as impressive and they spent USD 1,5- 2 million so I would think that figure is more accurate.