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The Reason we are so reliant on Petrol

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Petrol prices continually rise and look as if they will do for the forthcoming future.  Conservation groups are always telling us that the use of Oil and its products is damaging our environment.  Oil disasters occur frequently.  Wars are conducted because of the riches Oil brings.

This begs the question, why are we so heavily reliant on it?

The modern history of Oil stated in 1847 in America when a gentleman by the name of  Samuel Keir produced "Carbon Oil", a distilled form of Petroleum. In the 1870's, Rockefeller formed the Standard oil Company, which thrived in America due to the product being cheap in in mass abundance.

By the 1900's Oil was replacing Coal to power all manner of transport, mainly military, due to the fact that it needed less fuel, would provide more power and produced a lot less smoke.

It around this at this time that the Daimler-Mercedes engine was being produced.  In the early years of the car several different forms of crude oil were used to lubricate parts, and petrol was in high demand as fuel.

From the very beginning alternative fuels were being tested and advocated, including Henry Ford and Adolf Deisel.

When Adolf Deisel ran his first engine, it was fueled by Peanut Oil.  At the time Deisel's thinking was the engine would be ran on a number of vegetable oils. Because of its availability and cost,  Petroleum based fuel  became the Deisel Fuel of choice.

In the 1890's, Electric vehicles were more advanced than those powered by diesel and petrol. they failed to dominate the market due to the fact that electricity was a play thing of the rich at the time, and Electricity had not been standardized at the time. Electricity was not available throughout America until 1945 which meant that electric cars could not travel throughout the country, whereas petrol powered cars could. there was also the fact that electric cars needed to be charged every 30 to 50 miles and they did not produce the same speeds as their competition.

Before the Model T went into full production it was designed to run on Ethanol, which could be produced from Corn.  When the Model T was first introduced, however, Gasoline was available in abundance and Ethanol was not.  Between 1920 and 1924 The Standard oil company was producing a Ethanol/Gasoline mixed fuel called Gasohol, but due to rising costs, inadequate storage and transportation methods, they idea was put on the shelf in the 1940's.

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By The 1930's a huge industry had sprung up and with it came standardization of fuel for sales purposes. This was carried out by The Society of Automobile Engineers in the USA, which included Henry Ford and Andrew Riker, an early Automobile Designer. 

So there is the reason we first started using petrol, and why it became the norm. I intend to add to this over the next few days, including the conspiracy theories surrounding Stan Meyer, alternative fuels and more.

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Very interesting! Thanks for doing all this research. So it would appear that one of the main factors for oil becoming entrenched is because, well, it was just more easily available. Crazy to think that there were other options out there, but they got pushed to the side because they weren't economically viable at the time.


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Conspiracy theories

Conspiracy theories surrounding alternative fuels? I've heard of it. Am looking forward to your findings Mr. Shaw.

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Conspiracy Theories

Theories of suppression of technology that would free us from reliance on petrol have existed since the 1930's, when Motor Car production was in full swing, and oil based fuel was firmly entrenched as the standard.

The first mention of a conspiracy was by Thomas Moray, who invented The Moray valve which was a device like The Tesla Coil that could produce infinite energy from energy produced by the Universe.

Moray said that his family were threatened, his lab was ransacked, he was shot at and his assistant destroyed the device in anger.

Stanley Meyer created the most controversy when he claimed to have invented a Perpetual Motion Machine, thereby disproving the laws of thermodynamics.

Meyer created a machine that would enable cars to run on water, and on live television demonstrated that he could travel from New York to Los Angeles on 83 litres of water. Meyer was written off a crank by his peers and supposed knowledgeable media.

Meyer was sued for $25,000 in 1996 by business men he sold dealerships to. In 1998 Meyer died suddenly in a restaurant, supposedly of an Cerebral Aneurysm. Conspiracy Theorists claim he was poisoned to stop his technology being developed, he was bribed by Oil Rich countries and the US Government was involved. His patents are available for the public to view, but they have never been fully proven/unproven.

Eugene Mallove was a highly qualified writer in the fields of aeronautical and astronautical engineering and environmental sciences. He wrote the book "Fire from Ice" which reported a instance at the University of Utah (I got to get down there it seems as if a lot happens there!) where cold fusion provided greater than input energy, which was then suppressed via a campaign of ridicule by mainstream scientists.

Mallove was killed during a burglary in 2004. No convictions have ever been made and the case is on going which has lead to several conspiracy theories.

Arie DeGues invented a energy producer called "The Free Energy Battery" which it is claimed he was on his way to Europe for further development, when he was found slumped at the wheel of his car in the Airport.

Thomas Bearden claims to also have produced a device that will provide over unity performance, which is currently being suppressed by the Japanese (in his words). he has also claimed that technologies of his would bring about solutions for most major diseases including Cancer and AIDS. He previously claimed to have held a doctorate from the U.K. He no longer uses this title.

Gordon Novel is a conspiracy researcher that claims that Majestic 12 are suppressing free energy technology. He claims he is a member of a group called The Knights Temporal which aims to free "Free Energy".

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Perpetual energy

There is a story in my family that one of our uncles or great-uncles (never got the name) developed a magnetic-energy perpetual motion engine several decades ago in Michigan. The concept/plans were bought by Big Auto for a considerable amount of money, and subsequently "buried". Not sure if the uncle got killed or not. I'll try to find out more info.