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Yeah, this is another "Start a topic 'cause I'm bored and wanna see how the discussion goes." thing.

So, what do you guys think of Second Life, or really, virtual worlds in general?
Myself, I like SL. It's not my whole life, and it won't ever replace gaming as my favorite way to kill time,
but it's certainly more interesting than most so-called "virtual worlds".

For one thing, the focus is more on exploring and creating things than just chatting.
Whereas IMVU and Habbo are more about chatting and buying things.

And by chatting, I mean the kind of "hi, how r u?" stuff you see a lot in chat rooms and such.
Hardly entertaining.

And there is a certain social aspect to SL as well, and I've actually "met" people who I've had engaging conversations with. You know you're not in Kansas anymore when you're able to have an intelligent discussion about setting people on fire.

Of course, on controversial aspect of SL is the ability to be partnered, that is, the SL equivalent of being married.
This can lead to "affairs" among people who are married in real life.

However, SL is somewhat like a second internet as well, enabling people to share new ideas, socialize, and interact with a new world.

But enough of my boring rambling, bring on the debate!

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yah that's okay i like second

yah that's okay i like second life but wow is better

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Why virtual?

I'm interested in the sociological aspect. Why do people choose to "build things" in virtual worlds, and socialize and have meaningful conversations in these virtual worlds, rather than do those same things in real life? I'm not passing judgment, because I've done the very same myself. I'm just curious. Virtual worlds enable you to do things that you couldn't otherwise do in real life (jump off cliffs, take on weird jobs, have affairs), at least not without consequences. That I understand. But why do people do things in these virtual worlds that could be easily done in real life, like plant flowers and make cakes?

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Well, I like playing games for the precise reason that it has nothing at all to do with human interaction. The same reason I like reading books or listening to music.
I happen to live with a humanoid and my job revolves communicating with them. That's as much as I can take without painting-myself-purple-and-going-ape-shit-mental-with-a-Black-And-Decker-drillbit-and-set.
I have a cat. She's wise enough not to talk.

P.S I liked your boring rambling.