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What is T.V. really good for?

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Having long been an opponent of too much television, I have recently been reading information on the effects that it has upon us short and long term.

I was rather upset to discover that, due to passive T.V. watching (I have a confessed addict in the family), I am effecting my cognitive powers, social abilities (and I really don't need any help here at all) and quite possibly reducing my lifespan considerably.

With regards to depletion of mental power, it has been suggested that not only are you slowly reducing your brain's power, that you are doing it willingly due to T.V. being addictive.

In terms of health, studies have shown that if you watch 4 or more hours of T.V. a day, you have an 80% higher risk of dying because of heart disease, and nearly 50% higher chance of passing away because of other reasons.

It is suggested within the links I have provided here that children could see as many as 100,000 acts of violence, and 8000 depictions of murder by the time they are 13-14 years old. This is surely going to have an effect on how they view these incidents. An study by the University of Pennsylvania has come to the conclusion that children who watched the violent shows were more likely to strike out at playmates, argue, disobey authority and were less willing to wait for things than those children who watched non-violent programmes.

I am attempting to make all those aware of the effects of T.V. on your life, health and happiness. I welcome any comments.

I pose the following questions:-

Do you watch more than 3 hours T.V. a day?
Are you aware of the effects that it reportedly has on you, and would you change your habit if you could?
Do you think it is necessary to allow your brain some down-time everyday?
Can you live without your T.V.?

If you wish to find out about how to remove the poison box from your life, follow this link

If you wish to look further into exactly a study of the effects, follow this link

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an interesting aside....

I recently set up an event of Facebook, inviting my friends to smash their televisions -

So far I have had 8 people accept, 6 people choose maybe and 19 people decline. This addiction is going to be a long lonely fight!

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Having studied Communications

Having studied Communications in college and having spent hours debating the effects of media on the mind, I can attest to the fact that there are hundred (thousands?) of studies claiming to show that TV rots your brain, and an equal amount showing the opposite. In my opinion, it may not be possible to know for certain whether TV really has the kind of effects that everyone worries about, but it certainly has some kind of effect on your mode of thinking.

Aside - the idea that violent television causes children to be violent has been debated ad nauseum but not proven definitively... this is a never-ending battle that may never be won.

Aside again - I'm thinking about buying a TV, after 3 years without. Watching movies on a laptop just isn't the same.

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No, DON'T.

Please, just DON'T install that stupid thing.

I could list a load of reasons not to do so, but I'm feeling
lazy right now. (Hey, at least I'm honest about it.)

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why tv is bad
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Check this out:

To impose your will upon others. Or just to have fun.

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Must have

I am going to buy one of these!