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Why Register?

Harmen Steenwijck, Vanitas, 1640

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Why should I create an account at

Well, besides being super-quick, easy, and free, creating an account is also very secure. We'll never sell or give your email address to anyone, ever. We wouldn't abuse your trust like that.

In addition, creating an account gives you the following benefits/abilities:

  • Your own unique username (no more impersonators!)
  • A customizable profile page
  • Upload a picture of yourself
  • Adjust your site preferences
  • Your own inbox to exchange private messages with other users
  • Earn userpoints (What are userpoints?)
  • Create forum topics
  • Create polls
  • Create articles for the front page
  • No anti-spam codes to enter when posting a comment
  • Add tags to content
  • Easily track your past activity
  • Too many more to mention...

Join us! Please consider creating an account now. It'll be painless, we promise.

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