How will the BP Deepwater Horizon Gulf oil spill be stopped?

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The leak will be plugged by undersea robots and mechanical wizardry
8% (3 votes)
Relief wells will solve the problem in a few months' time
38% (15 votes)
The nuclear option
5% (2 votes)
It won't be stopped, and will leak for years until it stops naturally
49% (19 votes)
Total votes: 39
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Where is he when we need him? This disaster reminds us that we are far behind the technology in our myths.

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It's scary to think that

It's scary to think that humankind may have outsmarted itself at last. What if we have created a disaster that is too big for us to fix? We have done years of research and spent billions of dollars to learn how to drill further and deeper, but we haven't spent a fraction of that learning how to fix a disaster. What if it's not fixable?

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off topic, *sorry waiting for

off topic, *sorry

waiting for your writing about flotilla and mavi marmara :)

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The BP oil leak was stopped

The BP oil leak was stopped in July of 2010.