What's your opinion on the TSA's new "naked scanner" and enhanced pat-downs at American airports?

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It's too much.
77% (64 votes)
It's just right.
7% (6 votes)
It's not enough.
16% (13 votes)
Total votes: 83
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I'm gonna have to start

I'm gonna have to start working out.

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look at who is in vested in scanners

First of all who has the greats interest in having scanners in our country ..? Mr Dual citizenship Micheal Chertoff who was ahead of homeland security , under Bush crime family ..! Its illegal to hold office in the USA with a dual  citizenship but he did , that was treasonous hum..! Chertoff owns  large shares in this company ! Now about the scanners doing its job .. No, it can't do what a trained dog  can do 100 % better and cheaper  and that s why they pull you out of line to feel you up so you can feel fear ! Other countries have dogs not scanners. When will the American people look up all things and fine the reason why we are ask to do what they ask then we are taking on our own care ! We just think these greedy interest crooks are there for us ..No , on the day of 911 they really showed us were they stand ! If  they did not do they knew it was going to happen !

Then they talk out of both sides of their heads ! Make you fear the unknown ! Get you to bend over and stick it to you for money ! Have any of you read Homeland security ! It frighten right out of  Germany rules of Hitler and little by little they are putting it in place .. Threat is not to us but to them , they are doing things in our name to others and they fear us finding this out ! So they choose to make you fear something to kept you in control !

Then they go out into the world and plunder ! They had to plunder us first to brake us down ..Let people like Rupert Murdoch and George Soros run our fake news programs . They told you it was the people to blame who lost their homes in the news first and because they could not afford them .. Now we know it was the banks who did wrong ! Most mortgages in this country the banks don't know what bank should control your mortgage , because of the shell game making money on your life ! Americans always liked snake oil ! The rich now get it all .. Did you know 2 % of the rich now own more in this country more than all us in the USA ALL TOGETHER ..It s getting crazy !  Why do they need to steal and get to steal all our money. They are not getting rich on work alone .. They have loop holes that dose not trickle down to us ! Look ay DYLAN RATIGAN everyday  it might help you some !   

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I'm sorry, but I can't keep

I'm sorry, but I can't keep myself from laughing at your comment. First, learn proper grammar. People might be able to respect and understand you if you speak properly. If English isn't your native language, then write it in your native language. Those with half a decent brain can get it translated. Second, please check your statistics one more time, and perhaps provide some references to where you have gathered your data. A more likely influential, and believable, statistic would be to show the correlation between populations with each varying level of education with the amount of income those populations make. Statistically, most people earn the money they make. Most people who run into trouble financially are living outside their means. Of course you can name a few cases where people do have tragic accidents and have it rough, but these are outliers in the grand scheme of things.