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That smoking baby's parents should be thrown in jail

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this is in reference to that

this is in reference to that kid in sumatra

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Since the parents don't see anything wrong with their child's habit, how would throwing them in jail help? Any educated person can easily condemn the parents, smokers and non-smokers alike, but that's what it comes down to-education. If the local and national governments put more time and money into education and anti-smoking campaigns, there would never be such a case as this.

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I wouldn't be surprised at

I wouldn't be surprised at all to find that the tobacco companies are lobbying (and/or bribing) the government to NOT implement any special education or anti-smoking initiatives. There's so much money tied up in this.

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say what?

I guess I'm still not convinced the story is even true at all - thought it was a tabloid concoction.

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Tabloid concoction

You cynic! Could only be a media concoction if there is something bigger and more harmful on the horizon for the powers that be - trying to hide a piece of dodgy legislation? I'm out of touch with Indo news so can't really comment.

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Check out one of the video

Check out one of the video clips floating around the web... looks real to me.

Here's one:

Shocking to watch.


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When I first read about it I

When I first read about it I couldn't believe it but then I saw a video with that little boy smoking and I was so shocked. Th parents should be held responsible but I don't know if jail is the best solution. The priority here should be the sake of the baby, I wonder if drug rehab programs even have treatments for people at such a young age...

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It is true that the situation

It is true that the situation under which the children brought up will totally control their behavior.
The children will definitely follow most of the bad habits of the parents. In my opinion, the parents should at least avoid smoking in front of their children.