What news sites do you recommend?

So everyone knows the big news outlets, BBC, NYTimes, CNN, Guardian, etc.  The problem is that they're often all reporting the same issues, with essentially the same facts.

What other news sites do you use to find the under-reported and fresh stories of the day?

Options for Solving the UK's Deficit

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I am not going to pretend to understand all of the implications of spending vs. cuts when it comes to Government but after reading articles on the BBC website with regards to the latest spending announcements, I am disturbed and worried.

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The current Prime Minister, David Cameron has announced a further £67 million will be spent on ensuring bombs planted in Afghanistan were countered.  He has stated that Afghanistan is his number one priority and is a national security issue.  Britain currently has 10,000 troops stationed in Afghanistan.  He also suggested that he would not be looking at sending further troops, and that the £200 million from aid funding would be diverted from other budgets to assist Afghanistan in building up its Army, Police Force and Civil Service.

Don't get me wrong, I am all in favour, and proudly support the British Forces, I am just unhappy they are there in the first place. I may be wrong in thinking, but I firmly hold George Bush and his cronies responsible for getting England into this mess in the first place.  I had been told in the past that the reason England bent over every time America came calling for support, was due to a debt that we only recently paid back to America from World War II, when England was a financial mess, and Chamberlain requested help.  If this is the case, then nothing has been altered, we are still having severe financial difficulties, we are still doing the bidding of Former American Presidents work, and we are still getting shafted.… Continues …

Imelda Marcos wins a seat in Congress

It was with amazement, amusement and quite a bit of horror that I read that Imelda Marcos and clan look to further their power once again in The Philippines.

tt would seem that Imelda's son, who held a seat in Congress has given up this seat and run for a seat in the Senate. Imelda, at the ripe old age of 80, has replaced her son in this position. Imelda also has a daughter running for Governor.

I remember first being introduced to Imelda on the Clive James show many years ago, and quickly realising this was a woman who had very little connection with reality, no remorse for the atrocities committed under her husbands regime and a steadfast view that she was above all, and therefore entitled to be in power. At that time I believe she was running for President, for in which she ultimately failed.

Is it only myself that has formed the impression that the Philippine population has an ambivalent attitude to this series of developments? Am I missing something? How on earth could this come about?… Continues …

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