Money can actually buy happiness

According to a new study, earning more money does actually directly correlate with higher self-reported levels of happiness.

Which I guess confirms what we already knew.

Interesting that the highest growth of "happiness" comes before to the $75,000/year mark.  After that, there is still "happiness growth", but just not as much.

I forget who said it, but I like this quote: "Money can't buy happiness, but it sure can rent some."

Friday the 13th

Cromwell Tank Unlucky Number

Image by Mr Mo-Fo via Flickr

Are you driving carefully?  Are you hiding at home in fear of disasters just waiting to pounce on you due to the date?  If you you are probably suffering from Friggatriskaidekaphobia.

There are lots of theories surrounding why we believe this particular date is unlucky, and it would seem most of the are unfounded.  While looking into this, I was rather surprised to find that the word itself only came about around 1911. This was because, the fear of the day itself is not as old as we would think.… Continues …

Shame on you Mr Bakrie

Imelda Marcos wins a seat in Congress

It was with amazement, amusement and quite a bit of horror that I read that Imelda Marcos and clan look to further their power once again in The Philippines.

tt would seem that Imelda's son, who held a seat in Congress has given up this seat and run for a seat in the Senate. Imelda, at the ripe old age of 80, has replaced her son in this position. Imelda also has a daughter running for Governor.

I remember first being introduced to Imelda on the Clive James show many years ago, and quickly realising this was a woman who had very little connection with reality, no remorse for the atrocities committed under her husbands regime and a steadfast view that she was above all, and therefore entitled to be in power. At that time I believe she was running for President, for in which she ultimately failed.

Is it only myself that has formed the impression that the Philippine population has an ambivalent attitude to this series of developments? Am I missing something? How on earth could this come about?… Continues …

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