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3 Intriguing and Creative Video Memes

Mashing up content and creating something new and fresh out of pre-existing video is nothing new, and it's what makes the ever-changing nature of the Internet so fascinating.  That said, I've noticed a few new video memes that have really piqued my interest of late:… Continues …

The Right to Joke

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Hear no evil. Speak no evil. See no evil

Image by smileham via Flickr

At a social gathering recently, a friend of mine made an off-color joke; a slightly naughty comment which contained an element of race but wasn’t centered around it. It didn't play on stereotypes, but it certainly wasn't PC either. It might have offended some people, but to me it was so ridiculous that I didn't take it seriously.

Immediately, we were told that we couldn't joke about such things. One of several reasons given was that it wasn't appropriate because of our status - white males, with associated benefits. It wasn't right for us to make jokes involving people who hadn't had the same advantages that we had had in life. Despite the fact that the joke seemed relatively harmless, the entire topic was off-limits. One litmus test that we agreed upon to determine the acceptability of a joke was whether we'd say it to the face of a person of that race.… Continues …

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