Hugo Chávez

Hugo Chavez granted new powers

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I'll kick things off. WTF is up with Hugo Chavez being granted these new dictator powers? For the next 18 months he can pass laws by decree. Not sure if Venezuela pretends to be a democracy or not, but this officially ends that.

A Desperate Chavez Tells Colombia It's Over

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El Comandante Hugo Chavez en el Salón Ayacucho

Image by ¡Que comunismo! via Flickr

Known for his aggressive stances and incendiary speech over the past several years towards his country's neighbors, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez took the final step on Thursday of severing all ties with Colombia. The two countries have had a history of tensions which ratcheted up this month. Apparently the last straw came at a meeting of the Organization of American States, when Colombia presented evidence showing that guerrillas were hiding within Venezuela's borders, including members of FARC. In retaliation, Chavez announced that he was closing the embassy in Bogota while at the same time admitting that Colombia was their "brother nation".… Continues …

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