Martin Luther King

Is There Any Common Sense or Inspiration Left for This Generation?

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Statue of John Lennon in public park, Vedado, ...

Reading the newspaper today, I am struck dumb by the lack of common sense and righteousness of today’s society.

The Phone Hacking Scandals, the state of the British economy, the rights for terror suspects, Tunisia, Hezbollah being in power in Lebanon, unrest in Egypt and other Arab countries run by dictators which if ousted may then have a government run by other terror organizations and wave upon wave of environmental disasters.

If there was ever a time to think that the Apocalypse is coming you would not be alone in your thinking that we have never been closer to a cataclysmic catastrophe than at the present time.

Looking back over the years there has always been war, corruption, violence, environmental disasters and the rest but has there ever been a time when so much of the above is happening all at the same time?

In times gone by there have always been Inspiration People to show us the beauty, poetry and love that IS within the world, it eases the soul into believing in something better, takes your mind off the bad and helps keep faith that there is some sort of goodness, light, love and hope out there and that they're working towards making a difference.… Continues …

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