Göbekli Tepe Remastered

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I found the article on Göbekli Tepe thought provoking. However the comments went off in several directions and motivated me to write this continuation of the topic.

First, look at this photo on the right, from EssayWeb.

Then consider who the people were who built the site, which was probably in rudimentary form 14,000 years ago. They were hunter-gatherers who were as smart as were are. They had not discovered metal working nor pottery. They were superstitious. There were dangerous animals in the areas where they hunted. They needed courage and teamwork to complete a successful hunt. They were using spears and other stone tipped weapons and clubs.

People did not live at Göbekli Tepe. They met there. Why? Some have proposed that the place was a temple. Perhaps in a distant sort of way.… Continues …

Desert Kites: Evidence of Ancient Over-Hunting

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Persian gazelle

Image by Ferdi's - World via Flickr

When we think of endangered species and over-hunting, we usually think of modern times. We generally assume that our ancestors knew how to treat animals and the ecosystem with a sort of inborn respect and caution.  It turns out that's not necessarily true.

Archaeologists working in Syria have uncovered evidence of mass-killing pits used by hunters up to 6,000 years ago.  The process involved an entire herd of gazelles being funnelled via stone walls into a pit where they would be slaughtered — every last one of them.  These structures are often called "desert kites" because of how they look when viewed from the air.… Continues …

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