To Be or Not To Be

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Title capital punishment

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After the British Parliament's e-petitions website went live they cannot ignore calls for the debate on the death penalty for child killers and on-duty police murders.  Any petition that gains more the 100,000 signatures from UK citizens must now go to the cross-party Commons Backbench Business Committee, which will then decide if it is worthy of a debate.

The petition, presented by Paul Staines, who writes the Guido Fawkes political blog, has already been backed by several MPs.

The restoration for capital punishment was last debated in 1998 (during the passage of Human Rights Act), and was rejected by 158 votes. However there has been a build up of public opinion for this bill. With Conservative MP Priti Patel and party Colleague Andrew Turner saying they are in favour of restoration of capital punishment “for the most serious and significant crimes”.… Continues …

Murder of John P. Wheeler Connected to Mass Bird Deaths?

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Last week, a celebrated and influential Pentagon insider and defense contractor was found dead in Delaware. The body of John P. Wheeler was discovered as a garbage truck dumped its load at a landfill. The death has been ruled a homicide, and thus far the investigators who are piecing together the case have offered no clear motive or reason for his mysterious murder.

In seemingly unrelated news, there has been a sudden die-off of birds and fish in the southern United States that has a lot of people talking about the apocalypse. First 5,000 blackbirds plummeted to the earth in Arkansas, littering the ground with their corpses and even hitting passers-by. Then a few days later, 500 red-winged blackbirds and starlings were found dead in nearby Louisiana. And 80,000 drum fish died in an Arkansas river close to where the blackbirds died.… Continues …

Killing in the Name of Honor

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How to be an Indian Women

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An Indian village on the edges of Delhi is reeling, and the whole world is in shock over the honor killings of two teenagers in love. They were beaten and tortured for hours, and eventually killed, by the girl’s father and other relatives. The reason? They wanted to get married, which was forbidden because they came from different castes.

The boy's family is asking for the death penalty for the killers. But the girl's family stands resolute in their belief that it had to be done to preserve the family's honor. The reason for the torture is less clear.… Continues …

Gun Spree in Northern England Raises Questions

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Google StreetView: Home and Taxi of Derrick Bird
Derrick Bird's home and taxi

It is with a heavy heart that I bring to your attention another unforeseeable and utterly pointless mass murder in the UK. Derrick Bird, a self-employed taxi driver from Cumbria, Northern England went on a rampage that lasted around 3 hours and ended with the gunman taking his own life. 12 people have been killed and several others injured. To read the full story click here.

This is the third mass shooting in the UK. In 1987 Michael Ryan shot and killed 16 people and injured another 15 in Hungerford, Berkshire and in 1996 Thomas Hamilton gunned down 16 children and their teacher at their school in Dunblane, Perthshire.

The Dunblane tragedy led to a campaign to tighten gun controls and succeeded in making it illegal to buy or own a handgun.… Continues …

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