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The single biggest problem facing our world today

The single biggest problem facing our world today is our complacence. We actually think we are advanced as a civilisation and this makes us think we are better than what we actually are. Our technology is rudimentary, our philosophies are steeped in the inner mind and not expansive enough, our spiritual beliefs have not moved on past believing in ghosts yet we have the audacity to believe we are advanced enough to venture beyond our own world. I would be embarrassed to meet an alien life form and admit to being human, I think I would wear a halloween mask and pretend to be a monster with no brain in case I was asked to answer any of the big questions like why we still exploit and hate each other after 20,000 years or so of learning.

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People are duplicitous and conflicted by nature, it is the way we are designed because we need to be both hunter and nurturer. It may be the 21st century but we are still in the infancy of our existence and far from the enlightenment we seek.
We look to the stars and beyond for answers to the frustrations of life but the answers we seek are locked inside us, we already know everything we need to know we just don't realise how to access the information and we are constantly distracted from it by the world and the people around us.
I like to slow myself down, ignore my emotional responses and look for the truth in everything I read or find. I like to look for the learning in life and use the space I give myself to allow my subconscious mind to process the information I receive. In this way, I access the answers I believe most people are looking for and do not rely on a supernatural god or spiritual power to grant me wisdom.

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